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Aladecor Furniture – As the year progresses and summer approaches we all want to put any space we have outdoors to enjoy the sunny and cool evenings of these months. Whether a small balcony, a terrace or patio, it is essential to ensure a decoration that give us comfort and pleasure. Often one of the most difficult steps in the task of accommodating this outdoor space is the proper selection of furniture, so here we explore together the proposals of the Spanish firm Aladecor.

Proposals of this company have all one thing in common: modern and innovative designs. Even along the lines of classic design for outdoor furniture renovators results achieved by the colors and materials proposed.

Aladecor Furniture Materials that Guarantee Long Life To Your Furniture

Aladecor Furniture Materials that Guarantee Long Life To Your Furniture

Aladecor Furniture singles for foreign materials that are resistant to inclement weather and at the same time resulting comfortable. Therefore it has a wide selection of furniture used tissue wicker grid as the predominant material. The advantage of these materials is that they are very well suited to open spaces, as they have a natural and rustic look that blends perfectly with the environment that we wish for our terraces.

To exit the traditional use of these materials Aladecor Spanish firm uses often dyed colors like gray or black caring much furniture. Also we found covered with a material that protects them from water and prolonged sun exposure. It is often found in different shades of green or natural color.

Proposed alternatively a range of furniture using wood and steel as basic materials, ensuring cutting-edge designs and renovators. Steel, for its strength, furniture promises high durability and elegance. Moreover the wood, still as durable, remains a little more attached to the traditional exterior design has always had this material between its protagonists.

Aladecor Furniture Fabrics And Colors For Cushions

Aladecor Furniture Fabrics And Colors For Cushions

Chromatic protagonists of this firm are white and gray. Exploring their catalogs for outdoor spaces, we detected a marked preference for white. This color brings elegance, cleanliness and freshness to the Aladecor Furniture, so it is always one of the favorite. White distinguishes the luxury that characterizes his designs and combined with smaller cushions in other colors such as green, blue or orange, create a great visual effect.

Gray is also a favorite of these designers is that they appreciate the exquisiteness this color amenities confections. It is usually used to upholster the big cushions that line the body of the furniture and complemented by clearer to supporting parts, such as pink, red and even sometimes opt for fabrics printed with black and white squares.

Aladecor Furniture Family Designs

Aladecor Furniture Family Designs

While many other companies are committed to independent furniture or luxurious dining sets, Aladecor know that this is a favorite for families to enjoy space. Therefore its distinctive product for the terraces are large sofas that can be divided into several parts and can be deployed for comfort.

It leaves out of its catalogs traditional outdoor dining sets with coffee tables but the protagonists are these sofas, many of them in the form of L.

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Aladecor terrace garden furniture covers

Aladecor terrace furniture ideas

Aladecor terrace furniture apartment

Aladecor terrace furniture design

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