How To Light Your Bathroom Lighting

The lighting is particularly delicate in the Bathroom Lighting. The light must be bright enough to be able to recognize the subtleties when shaving or applying makeup. At the same time you want to create a feel-good atmosphere, so you can also relax in the tub and the view in the mirror does not immediately every flaw. No easy task, the bathroom skilfully illuminate, but with the tips of our experts no problem.

Bathroom Right Lighting

Is the make-up sitting? Have I plucked the eyebrows well? Many bathrooms are too dark to see that. Especially where it is particularly important: at the mirror. An illuminated mirror is indispensable for a perfectly lit bathroom as well as a strong ceiling light. “One of the first lighting fixtures to have a successful bathroom lighting is a lighting fixture of at least 300 lux,” says Monica from the Sponsorship Good light in Frankfurt am Main. This means that the whole room is initially bright. One or two ceiling lights are sufficient, provided that “diffuse light-scattering” lamps are used. These are, for example, those with an opal glass shade. They do not dazzle and scatter the light far into the room.

bathroom lighting tips

The Bathroom Lighting is particularly important in the mirror

To be able to shave well before the mirror or make-up, one should attach a luminary to the left and right of it, explained. So do not cast a shadow on the face. For very wide mirror surfaces, the expert advises to another light source at the upper edge. The most suitable fixtures are oblong lamps, which do not dazzle and scatter the light over a wide area.

Tips and ideas for bathroom lighting

Caution with the light connection in the shower

The shower lighting is not only chic, but also raises the shower experience. The rain forest shower is even more pleasant with a subtle lighting. “For safety reasons such electrical work in the bathroom should only be carried out by specialists,” warns Susanne of the action Das Safe house (DSH) in Hamburg. For newly installed circuits and sockets in the bathroom, residual-current circuit breakers are mandatory. The client should ensure that this is done by the electrician.

Next to the shower, the bathtub can be highlighted. “If you like to bathe extensively, you might want a reading light,” In large bathrooms, the circuit should be laid so that the lamps can be individually controlled. So you can switch off the light on the mirror and wash basin for bathing and only illuminate the area around the tub. A second possibility is to adjust the brightness of the individual room zones with a dimmer, explains the light expert.

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Bathroom Lighting LED technology makes many things possible

“We generally advise consumers to use LED lamps,” says Klaus Miller, environmental, sustainability and energy consultant at the Consumer Center in Munich. “They are still a bit expensive, but they last longer.” In addition, they consume significantly less electricity compared to halogen and energy saving lamps. A LED lamp with the luminosity, which corresponds to a 25 watt incandescent bulb, costs about 8 to 15 euros, reports the consumer consultant. “To replace a 60 watt light bulb you have to spend 20 to 25 euros.”

LED technology makes many things possible

Anyone who wants to use the new bulbs with the light-emitting diodes for the basic lighting should pay attention to a large beam angle, recommends Müller. The angle indicates which area is lit. According to the law, however, no indication is required as to the angle on the packaging. “It only helps to buy the lamp in a specialist trade and to be advised by the salesmen.” In some shops you can also test the lamps the same. In this case it should also be asked whether they are suitable for use in damp areas. Lamps as well as lamps must be able to withstand the water vapor in the bath, according to.

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LEDs can also be used in their original form as spotlights. “Their directed light is suitable for spotlights and down lights to throw a warm strip light onto the wall or ceiling,” Monica says. Or you experiment with colored LEDs: “This creates great effects when, for example, the water from the shower head is irradiated in color.”

bathroom lighting tips

bathroom lighting ideas

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