Bedroom Decoration Ideas for a Good Night’s Sleep

Studies show that every third adult occasionally suffers sleep disturbances. At every tenth the problem is even chronic. Affected persons do not have to use the Pillowcase in any case or to buy a new bed for expensive money. The sleep research is now agreed: how well we sleep depends on many other factors such as the decor and the Bedroom Decoration Ideas.

Bedroom Decoration Ideas

“The environment is also important,” confirms Professor J├╝rgen Zulley, sleep researcher at Regensburg University Hospital. This circumstance is, however, all too often disregarded. “Frequently, the bedroom is used as a storage room for all kinds of items such as ironing boards and ironing clothes,” Ursula Geismann of the Association of German Furniture Manufacturers in Bedroom Decoration Ideas regrets. In such a rumpel chamber you could not switch off or restful sleep.

Bedroom Decoration ideas Tips

The furniture expert advises not to overwhelm the Bedroom Decoration Ideas with too many unnecessary things. A simpler and more straightforward furniture, reduced to the essentials, is the better option. But this is not easy to implement: Small wardrobes often do not provide the required storage space. So that the bedroom with a huge wardrobe does not overload, one could also outsource this into another room, advises Zulley. Also Geismann recommends with enough space and space a walk-in wardrobe or even a separate dressing room. At least the walk-in closet is also relatively easy to build itself and thus keep the costs small.

Bedroom Decoration and Ideas

Bedroom Decoration Ideas

The most important piece of furniture in the bedroom of course remains always the bed. “Good sleeping requires not only a homely, but also a sufficiently large bed frame”, explains Geismann. In standard beds of two meters in length, large people often do not have enough space to stretch themselves out. For all persons with a body length of more than 1.85 meters, the furniture specialist therefore advises to a bed with a length of 220 centimeters.

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In addition, the inner life of the bed must also be right: the base usually forms the sub-suspension, usually this is a slatted floor. Mattress and under-suspension should be optimally coordinated, advises Geismann for the purchase of beds. Even a waterbed can be a sensible purchase – especially for people with back problems. However, water beds are not cheap, so you should be well advised before the purchase, as well as carefully weigh the costs and benefits.

Furnishings and decoration in the bedroom should be kept in discreet, warm colors. This creates a soothing atmosphere. On the walls should hang pictures – if possible with a personal reference – for example a framed holiday photo. “There should be nothing to be found in the bedroom, which reminds one of work”, supplements Zulley.

Bedroom Decoration Ideas Colours

Computers or laptops are just as taboo. And even if it is difficult for many: the flicker box has nothing to look for in the bedroom. Here one should come to rest and recover from the stress of the day. The permanent remoteness through the TV program would be very helpful. “Electric appliances must be banished from the bedroom as much as possible because of possible loads caused by electrosmog,” says Hans Ulrich Raithel from the Munich Environmental Institute.

For him, therefore, no radios or mobile phones belong to the Bedroom Decoration Ideas. Even the cordless fixed telephone, which many people like to lie on the night table, is better left over the night. Radiation from the base stations would often interfere with the nightly silence.

“If it is not possible to have electrical appliances in the bedroom, it is best to take them from the electricity network at night”, advises the expert. If you do not want to pull each plug individually, you should put a plug with a switch – so all devices can be taken off the net with a single button. A convenient alternative is a mains switch, which can be installed in the fuse box for individual rooms.

Bedroom Decoration ideas At Home

The room climate is also important in the bedroom. So the space should neither be too warm nor too cold. “For most people a room temperature of 18 degrees Celsius is optimal,” says Slacker Zulley. Before going to bed, the window should be opened very quickly to allow fresh air into the bedroom. Humidity should be about 50 percent.

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Bedroom Decorating And Paint Ideas

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