Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Create Mood

A bedroom is a place of freedom. Here, dreams can be lived in the truest sense of the word, and here the door remains closed to everyone, apart from a few chosen ones. Thus, furnishing fans can not only let off steam by choosing unusual furniture or pictures but also with regard to the Bedroom Lighting Ideas. Three interior and lighting professionals will tell you what to do with bedroom lighting. To light, a bedroom is really simple. Rainer Fox, Managing Director of the Online shops specializes in lamps and lighting.

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The graduate engineer recommends: “First of all, you need a room light to illuminate the room, usually on the ceiling, plus lamps on the left and right of the bed.” The lighting of the bedroom cabinet is also useful, emphasizes the expert. “Not necessarily outside, but in any case inside. There are now many wardrobes in which a light is automatically switched when the doors are opened.”

In addition to the luminaries themselves, brightness and quality of the light play an important role. The bedroom is not always lit. Especially in the morning, when one is still tired of the sleep from the eyes, bright light is extremely unpleasant. “All lights should be dilemma,” Fox recommends. “As for the lighting itself, I recommend warm white LEDs.”

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Bedroom Lighting Ideas

According to the light specialist, the Bedroom Lighting Ideas should be as comfortable and unobtrusive as possible – at least at any time. If you want to set accents, such as placing a nice picture or piece of furniture in the focus, you have a good chance to get a picture of the lights, floor lamps, up lights, down lights and diffuse light sources.

Up- and down lights are useful helpers in the lighting design, but first and foremost the lamps in the bedroom should have a very practical purpose: they should provide enough brightness wherever you need them. Swivel or otherwise adjustable night tables are therefore the absolute favorites in the bedroom. If you want to read in the evenings longer in the bed, you simply pull it to yourself and does not disturb the sleeping partner.

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Also very practical is a subtle light bar, which is attached to the side of the bed and facilitates the night walk to the toilet. Alternatively, a nightlight fulfills the same purpose but is less decorative.

But apart from its purely practical function, light is a unique good mood. A feeling of well-being is created by comfort-conscious, for example with simple white candles. Even romantic hours in the bedroom can be set with candles and tealights in the right light. However, caution is advised. A few hot hours are quite welcome, but a residential fire is not at all.

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Therefore, never leave the room as long as candle burns and look for a stable stand. Tealights may only be draped on a non-flammable underlay, for example, a saucer or an under-cup.

But even without candles, a few simple tips can create a sexy ambiance for erotic moments. “Just throw a transparent organza fabric or a cloth over the lampshade”, interior designer Sabine A. Fischer from Durkheim recommends. “It is particularly erotic with fabrics in warm, red tone colors.”

If you want a dramatic-mystical atmosphere in the bedroom, you should also look at spotlights. “In the bedroom, the bed can be seen by placing it on a pedestal and, with the help of a cleverly hidden light bar, seemingly hovering on an island of light at the bottom,” Sally Store enthuses as author of the book “Light design for interiors” And Gardens “is an absolute expert in lighting design.

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“Additional radiators can accentuate a decorative object or a drapery draped curtain, creating even more atmosphere. When each Bedroom Lighting Ideas element has its own circuit, the mood can vary according to the needs and the occasion.

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