Best Home Lighting Ideas and Tips

A nice home is nothing without a good lighting: even otherwise uncomfortable rooms get in the right light a pleasant atmosphere. On the other hand, inadequate lighting can even be dangerous. Who has not stumbled in the dark? take a look in this article, best home lighting ideas.home ligthing ideas diyHowever, the new energy saving lamps do not make it easy for consumers to find the right lamp for themselves. Because the Watt numbers of the old light bulbs are not suitable for orientation. Lumens and Kelvin are the key benchmarks for energy saving lamps. This is how you keep an overview.home ligthing ideas articleBy saying goodbye to the light bulb, consumers have to get used to new concepts. The light bulb was selected for its wattage, which indicated the power. On the packages of the new lamps, instead, values ​​are given in lumens (ln) and Kelvin (K).home ligthing ideas looks

Best Home Lighting Ideas, Orientation in the jungle of values

The lumen value provides information about how bright the light of a lighting source is. Because the lumen value is usually not shown on the packaging of the old light bulbs, it is sometimes difficult for the consumer to find out which energy saving lamp he needs to buy as a replacement for his old bulb. Whoever decides wrong here sits at home in the dark or in the glare of a much too bright lamp. The following graphic is designed to help you find your home ligthing ideas price

Best Home Lighting Ideas, Light color is given in Kelvin

The Kelvin value indicates the light color: values ​​between 2700 and 3300 Kelvin mean cozy light with a warm white which is suitable for the living room. home lighting ideas tipsFor values ​​around 5000 Kelvin, a very bright, white light is produced, which is advantageous for example at the desk – the eyes tire more slowly. 6000 Kelvin correspond approximately to the light color of daylight. Such a light is good for the kitchen, explains Tina Kienzl of the consumer advice Bavaria. home ligthing ideas ukThe cool light is felt to be an invigorating experience. “Light sources with high blue content are similar to daylight and are good watchmakers,” says the expert.home ligthing ideas reviews

Light sources have different characteristics

In addition to brightness and light color, other factors influence the effect of lighting. The right light source is also crucial. With the step-by step for the light bulb, one can decide between energy saving lamps, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and halogens in the future. home ligthing ideas binghome lighting ideas

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