Cheap Living Room Creative Furniture For Under 100

Cheap Living Room – Have your eyes seen enough in their own homes, it tingles in my fingers. To transform a room or an apartment, you need less money than you think! Even with spending up to nine USD you can make a cool design shelf, a practical bench or a guaranteed unique board itself. We provide eight residential ideas for making your own that will cost less than 100 USD.

Alexandra mats, interior designer and stylist, has considered budget-friendly ideas for your home. “From nothing to do something that is my specialty,” announces the Creative, which can be found on the Internet at, humorous. Because therein lies the greatest potential. Buy a lot of new With lots of money, anyone can. It can even be produced with a little imagination great utensils at zero cost. And a homemade single piece also has sentimental value then, is distinctive and unique. We provide advice from the interior designer Alexandra mats eight, with which you can breathe new life into your home quickly and easily:

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Cheap Living Room A new coffee table with casters

They would like a new coffee table, like this rustic real wood Cheap Living Room tables that are currently “in”? With a little initiative also arrive as a treasured piece! This project requires more hunting talent and communication skill than money!

Walk in the woods, a carpenter, the next sawmill or the Timber specialists and ask if there is a tree trunk slice or a beautiful remnant hardwood for you. At home simply grind, oils, screws rubberized rolls under and finish is the rustic wooden table. Alternatively, the surface may also be treated with acrylic lacquer.


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Cheap Living Room The stackable archive

For Cheap Living Room concept, a practical archive for magazines, documents or other paper goods, a box tower is recommended. Many supermarkets get vegetables in stable cartons delivered that are stackable and usually end up in the waste paper. Familiarize yourself on the search and ask that you often even allowed to take a few boxes. The boxes are also available with colored imprint. Who then but would like to have a different design his archive shelf, which can get for a few USD decorative sheet or spray paint to make the fronts in another look.

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New cabinet knobs made of ceramic or porcelain

Small change, big impact: With new porcelain handles, dress up your furniture in no time – be it the wardrobe, chest of drawers, the bedside table or the Mount Cabinet. Available are the beautiful Cheap Living Room knobs on the internet and in shops where rural or oriental decoration is sold.


The slightly different utensils shelf

They have nice parking pictures or small figures and lack the proper storage for that? Perhaps there is in your home (or from friends, or in the basement or in the attic) somewhere an old exposed wooden curtain bar that you no longer use a long time. Just turn around, paint as desired, low angle mount, and there goes your guaranteed unique images Regal!

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Cheap Living Room The tailor-made rope shelf

You have in the bathroom a niche for which you not find a suitable shelf? Build by yourself! This shelf is somewhat advanced!

Measure the corner from where you need the shelf and set the width and height. Let yourself be wood or MDF boards for sawing shelves in the desired format cope. Drill each in all four corners holes for suspension. Buy four steel cables to the desired height of the shelf plus ten centimeters addition (the measure ranges from the ceiling to below the last floor in a suspended state). In addition, you still need luster terminals.

Pull the steel cable through the boards and thread between each shelf a metal sleeve plus screw (from the terminal block). This allows you to adjust later the soil at the correct height. For a loop at the end of the ropes, thread to another sleeve to close it. Then align the floors as desired – a spirit level may be useful here, hung on four hooks on the ceiling and attach depending on the severity of the load, the boards in addition to the wall.

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cheap living room furniture sets

cheap living room furniture sale

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