Child Friendly Bathroom

A Child Friendly Bathroom helps the whole family to start the day without stress. Children will also be more independent if the bathroom is equipped accordingly.

child friendly bathroom design

A Child Friendly Bathroom is characterized above all by the security. Therefore, ensure that the floor is non-slip: small tiles do not offer a large sliding surface and are ideal. If you prefer large tiles, they should be rough or, better yet, anti-slip. If you only want to change your bathroom to suit your child’s needs, bath mats can be used to prevent accidents. Anti-slip mats are also available for shower trays – just small children are still somewhat careless. Faltering offers additional security and can also be installed later. Protection against burns in the shower, bathtub or at the washbasin provide corresponding devices for fittings, such as scalding protection. Also, avoid sharp edges on furniture or other objects that may be a source of injury.

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Child Friendly Bathroom Design

Besides safety, comfort is also the focus of a Child Friendly Bathroom. A night light helps, for example, in the accident-free nightly toilets. With a soft-close function on the toilet lid, this can also be pleasantly quiet. With several children in the household, it is worth buying a double wash, for simultaneous washing and care without any disputes and disputes. It is optimal if your proteges can look into the mirror. Brushing teeth is done more conscientiously and the little ones can practice better. For example, a child care helps, by which the sanitary facilities can be better reached.

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child friendly bathroom

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Place a laundry in the bathroom, so that the offspring can clear dirty laundry itself. Thus, children learn to keep order. A laundry as a bench is also ideal for children to dress comfortably. Also, make sure that the towel is easy to reach. This saves you the daily grind because the towel hook is just too high. Also washcloth, brush and toothpaste cups should always be accessible. For the storage of all hygienic articles, one meter high shelves or the washbasin cabinet are suitable. If the child-friendly bathroom is only planned, pay attention to a good position of the light switch. What should not be within reach of Child Friendly Bathroom are utensils such as nail scissors and dangerous cleaning agents.

kid friendly bathroom designs

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