How To Choose The Best Frying Pans

If you need a new pan, expect an almost unmanageable selection of different materials and shapes. The profit margins are just as great. A new frying pan can be found for both 20 and 200 euros. However, several planning tests in the past have shown that the price says little about the quality. Whether coated or uncoated, whether aluminum, stainless steel or iron: With these tips, Choose The Best Frying Pans you will find the perfect pan for your needs.

So much beforehand: the one all-around pan, which meets all requirements of the everyday life, does not exist – even if numerous teleshopping channels on the TV again and again to convince the contrary. Let’s start with the question of whether the frying pan should have an anti-stick coating.

Choose The Best Frying Pans For Gas Stove

Choose The Best Frying Pans

Most of the coatings are still made of plastic. “Teflon conceals anti-adhesive coatings on the basis of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE),” warns Stiftung Warentest and warns: “From a temperature of 360 degrees Celsius, PTFE releases toxic fumes.” In an induction furnace, this critical limit could already be reached in one minute. PTFE coatings are therefore not suitable for sharp frying in a pan which has already been preheated to a high temperature.

Choose The Best Frying Pans

Another disadvantage: the coatings scratch easily. In any case, you should not use pan pans and other kitchen utensils made of metal in PTFE-coated pans. Even the rough side of a sponge may damage the delicate material, thus losing its anti-stick effect. However, according to the Swiss Federal Office for Risk Assessment, health risks caused by the swallowing of dissolved PTFE particles do not exist, according to the Warentester.

Choose The Best Frying Pans For Glass Top Stoves

For a number of years now, Choose The Best Frying Pans with a coating of ceramics have been pushing into the market. The manufacturers promise true miracles. Temperatures up to 400, sometimes even up to 450 degrees should be possible without problems. That would suffice for a good steak. At the same time, the pans should be easy to clean and their coating should also be scratch-resistant.

However, a Praxis test of the WDR-consumption magazine service shows that not all ceramic pans meet this good reputation. On the whole, only five of the five tested products at prices between 20 and 95 Euro were convincing: the “Trendline” from Culinary, which was very favorable at around EUR 25, and the “Crispy Ceramic Comfort” from Fissler Pan was in the test. In the other test pans, it complained that they were either not scratch-resistant or distributed the heat unevenly.

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Unfortunately one does not look at Choose The Best Frying Pans at the purchase. Due to the test results, the price does not appear to be suitable as a quality criterion. This is confirmed by Stiftung Warentest’s test, which is a very old one, in which a 25 Euro pan (Steinbach Milano) just as well as the more than 50 Euro more expensive “Fissler lux comfort” (both 2.1 in the total result). Consumers only have to inform themselves about the existing offer as thoroughly as possible before buying the pans through tests or by inquiring with friends and relatives. You should also pay attention to a continuous coating all the way up to the edge of the pans.

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In addition, there are some general quality criteria that apply equally to coated and non-coated pans: in any case, you should pay attention to a sturdy handle that is good in your hand. According to Stiftung Warentest, wood and plastic handles are not oven-proof at high temperatures. Practical, therefore, removable handles, so that the pan can be used to bake the oven into the oven.

Choose The Best Frying Pans Non Stick

In addition, the pans floor must not bend outwards. Otherwise, it will not be placed on a plate or cooker at any time, and the heat will not spread evenly. In order to recognize even slight arches, a ruler or another straight object is best placed. “A slight curvature towards the inside is, however, normal,” says the Warentester. “When heating, the floor is pulling straight.” Anyone using an induction cooker must also ensure that the pan of the choice is expressly suitable. However, all pans are suitable for gas, electric and ceramic cooking zones.

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