How to Clean a Shower Head

How to Clean a Shower Head-In the morning one is looking forward to an awakening shower, and then comes a thin trickle. It is not always necessary to call the installer. Even simple measures let the water rattle again.

How To Clean A Showerhead With Vinegar

First, you should try it with the simplest solution. “In the most innocuous case, the nozzles of the shower head are calcified,” says Peter Birkholz, the guide for the Foundation Warentest in Berlin. This can be easily remedied: The shower head comes for a few hours in a decalcification solution. Citric acid, for example, is available in every drugstore. If necessary, it also vinegar. “Before you re-assemble your head, wash it well in the sink or in the kitchen sink,” recommends the home improvement expert. “The enamel layers of the shower or bathtub are only badly compatible with acids and become slightly dull.”

How To Clean A Shower Head

How to Clean a Shower Head – If the declassification is not sufficient, check whether a flow limiter has been inserted into the hose or head. Such plastic chokes narrow the passage and are often packed with the hoses or shower heads. “They are supposed to prevent an excessive amount of water being consumed during showering,” explains Billhook. If the part is firmly integrated into the shower head, you have to replace the whole shower head. However, these are usually additional devices which can be easily removed.

How To Clean A Shower Head Without Removing It

How to Clean a Shower Head

Sometimes the limiter is also located directly in the drain of a hot water tank or water heater. In other cases, the accumulator is equipped with an adjustable throttle valve, which can be opened a little.

How To Clean A Shower Head Fast

How to Clean a Shower Head – The reason for not enough showering fun can be a pressure reducer in the inlet of the reservoir. This is to protect against possible overpressure, which could damage the components. “It may have been set low or does not work properly after years,” says the expert. “If you are in doubt, you should consult a specialist or at least study the operating instructions for the water heater.

How To Clean A Shower Head At Home

And does it not lead to the desired result? “It has to be assumed that the pipelines have narrowed over the years,” explains Birkholz. “This is commonly referred to as calcification, but is due to corrosion rather than rust formation or microscopic particles that carry drinking water on its way from the waterworks to the consumer.” And that is one thing for the installer.

How To Clean A Mira Fixed Shower Head

How To Clean A Flexispray Shower Head

How To Clean A Fixed Shower Head

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