Decorating Project A Master Bedroom

Decorating Project – Today we will see a decorating project in which we have sought to improve range, brightness and warmth in decorating a master bedroom.

For the pavement has chosen a wide oak flooring table and a broken white walls, except for the head wall that has been painted the same color as the bedside tables. To test has placed a headboard upholstered in white leather.

Only a chest of drawers in the wall facing, off-white is all the furniture. Both the furniture and the tables have leather handles that gives a masculine touch to compensate.

Decorating Project master bedroom ideas

Decorating Project A Master Bedroom

The combination of both colors and lighting achieved with table lamps, make a warm and serene atmosphere that invites relaxation breathes.

Decorating Project Wood doors are painted white and skirting also been placed on white. This has gotten a fresh new look without having to change the woodwork. The flashing of the doors have been replaced by a straight line, and cabinet handles and knobs have also been changed.

Decorating Project master bedroom plans

Decorating Project A Master Bedroom

As for the textile, bedspread, plaid and quadrants they are made of soft colors, white linen curtains, and only highlights the seat upholstery as you can see has been restored and upholstered back with colored linen tan and brown brocade Icier de la Conch.

Lithographs whose motive is a bird nesting in sepia tone framed in a single frame and some decorative details in the tables and the chest of drawers complete the Decorating Project of this room.

This work was carried out by Gamma Verse. If you want to see more projects like this, you can see them from here.

Decorating Project master bedroom design

Decorating Project master bedroom size

Decorating Project master bedroom addition

Decorating Project master bedroom bedding Decorating Project master bedroom colors

Decorating Project master bedroom colors

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