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The new home should be nice, modern and comfortable – also for the age. For this reason, you should think about the age of the Decoration New Home Tips plan so that you do not have to invest in expensive renovations later. What you should look out for, please contact us.

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Who likes to think about getting old? However, redevelopers and builders who are slowly approaching the age of retirement should have an eye on which technologies they would and need to retrofit for old age. “Smart home technologies help older people to live independently in their own homes,” emphasizes Falko Weidelt, specialist area manager Smart Home at the industry initiative Elektro + in Berlin.

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For this, the electrical installation of the Decoration New Home Tips must be equipped: on the one hand should be installed precautionary empty pipes, advises Weidelt. In this way, the necessary cables can be pulled later. “In addition, you have too few sockets in many buildings.” He recommends to comply with the directive for electrical installations in residential buildings – RAL-RG 678 – during construction planning.

Decoration New Home Tips

It lists for every living area a minimum, a standard and a comfort level of sockets. The minimum equipment is based on the DIN standard 18015-2, which is to be revised by the end of the year 2017 due to the progress of digitization. The RAL is then re-applied. But Weidelt advises to use the standard “two stars plus”.

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For example, in a kitchen with 12 to 20 square meters, this currently includes at least 18 sockets and 3 sockets for luminaires. In an adjoining dining room, there are 16 sockets and 3 lights. Decoration New Home Tips In the living room up to 20 square meters, 8 sockets are the minimum.

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Anyone who goes to the electrical installations can still go on and, for example, have a so-called BUS system installed by a specialist. This is a communication system for networkable devices, which gives it a common language and thus a connection possibility. Many devices have a license for a specific standard like LCN, Homematic or KNX.

This is an expensive affair. More economical are single-cell solutions such as radio-based inserts for light switches or sockets, which can be networked and controlled with the mobile phone. “This should also be installed by a specialist,” Weidelt emphasizes.

Decoration New Home Tips

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