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Design Bathroom – To make a small bathroom is always a challenge, and in many ways. Design and installation require special ideas bathroom design, an optimized Bathrooms that not only looks good but also brings practical features with it. However, a challenge is also the daily life in a small bathroom, especially if the whole family in the morning has to be finished at the same time. For small bathrooms, there are now many solutions and ideas that facilitate bathroom planning. But what if the bathroom is not only small, but tiny? Let the relaxation in the morning does not accept and start with our tips for mini-pools with good humor to your day!

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Design Bathroom, When is a mini-Bad?

From a mini-suite we speak today, when the base of the space measures less than four square meters. If only toilet and sink need to find space on such a small space, that’s no problem. But if the Design Bathroom should be equipped with shower, bath and second sink, then a clever bathroom planning is required. Especially in older homes or apartments the bathroom is often only a few square meters. A breakthrough in the next room is often not possible, but not necessary. Used properly, the mini bathroom just fine and retains its cozy charm.

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Design Bathroom, Planning The Mini-Bad

The division of space is determined in the Design Bathroom especially of the existing terminals. It is therefore necessary to clarify where these connections are and whether there are ways to move this. Despite solid connections but remains free to be the direction in which a toilet, sink, shower and bathtub aligned. With a bathroom planner makes it easy to test and try out a variety of space solutions. Think first about what actually needs to find a place in the room. Do you need a bath? Take advantage of this at all? Then play different ways through. Even if you found some impossible or unconventional, maybe it’s the perfect solution to the join in the planning process always come back. A sink in the middle of the room? Why not?

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Design Bathroom, Tips For Bathroom Planning

Think when bathroom planning not only in straight horizontal or vertical lines. The diagonal is a refined design element that creates a tight space extra space. If the shower tray as not square, but designed with diagonal front for a corner, they can often be easily placed behind the bathroom door. Additional drywall take in mini-suite a little square off, but provide an additional wall surface in which connectors can be installed on both sides and provide the space for the toilet or sink.

In the mini-bathroom, you should try to avoid tripping hazards. A floor-level shower with glass partition, or very modern and open, makes the room appear larger than conventional shower trays with doors. Such a walk-in shower In addition, takes up less space and can theoretically be scheduled on a space area of ​​1-2 m². For mini-swimming pools are now many solutions, even at the fittings. IKEA, for example, placed on the tap here not head on the wall, but the side of the sink, so less space to the center of the room is required.

Especially practical and ideal for tempering small spaces is a radiator, which also acts as a towel holder. Discreetly placed on the wall, can be the small room just heated in this manner and towels have a permanent place. Also trim makes a small space appear larger. With hooks and shelves on the wall keep surfaces free and take to the wall surface to the device, which is missing from the base.

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Design Bathroom, Tips for Bathroom In Mini Bad

For the design of your mini Traum bad  light, subtle tones are recommended. Should there still be color, combine to white accessories. Let the small room bigger and continue to work. Tiles should be as large size, because joints make the room look smaller. Should there still be smaller Nasty, colored joints are a special design idea that gives a certain something to the room. The proper, strong lighting makes the room also increases. Even better is because a large window that allows natural light into the room.

Clever, narrow bathroom furniture fit well in a small space and provide storage space for the things that are commonplace needed. For the sink, there are beautiful, narrow cabinets, which offer plenty of storage space and take advantage of the often gave away space under the basin. In the mini-bathroom, you should really only accommodate what is needed daily. Fresh towels can be stored elsewhere. Must be accommodated in the bathroom, the more, the more likely it is recommended to use with cabinets and shelves, the height of the room. If during the bathroom planning niches, these can also be used with narrow furniture.

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