Designs For Kitchens The Latest Trends In Decoration

Designs For Kitchens – We always take care of the room, the terrace of the room and even the bathroom. Rarely think of the kitchen, an essential space in the house should not be neglected.

This week I learned a little more about kitchens and trends that are imposed in recent years, from colors, textures and materials.

To know more about the new importance attached to the fourth kitchens or kitchenettes in the interior design, check out this article where you will learn how pontenciar its functionality and make this a family space.

Designs For Kitchens Concept Renovation

Designs For Kitchens Concept Renovation

Undoubtedly, the concept changes dramatically, so much so that what in the past could be seen as extravagant, now becomes fully valid and simple. In other details, the forms and functions, and this important part of the house away from the walls to settle in more places protagonists.

Current finishes propose a new relationship between the Designs For Kitchens and the living room. The proposed new designers is to get all functions, rituals and daily necessities from home can always be intertwined and have a kitchen as an intermediary. A good way to bring the family even while cooking.

Ventilation and lighting are two fundamental principles for correctly picking the space where the kitchen will be mounted. As for the measures it is important to know the size and type of devices with which we will have for proper distribution and high performance.

Carla Cruz, architect DobleCestudio, which has developed a range of projectors for indoor told me a little more about trends highlighting functionality as the first value in deco kitchen.

“It is important to maximize the space, make it now has a lot of accessories and make everything has its place,” he tells me Carla.

Designs For Kitchens Starting The Project

Designs For Kitchens Starting The Project

Before starting to Designs For Kitchens any space, it is very important to capture with pen and paper how we want to display. Carla tells me that the ideal design does not exist, because it is independent in every family. However, the most used and best performing styles include finishes such as

  • Straight lines in the design.
  • Using glass doors lighting inside.
  • Using warm, neutral and elegant colors.
  • several finishes: granite, quartz, porcelain, pelpemas or stones.

The choice of materials is also critical, recommended specialist large format porcelain tiles for the floor, granite and skirting boards 60 cm. Similarly, the furniture should not only address issues of taste but should look for modular, with veneer or painted in acrylic or polyester.

One of the great concerns of modern families is space, and departments and homes today do not have a large, making it difficult to put all that we want and what we have thought in such a small space.

This same concern moved to our specialist who recommends, for these cases, take better care in choosing artifacts. “It is preferable to use wardrobes, not only for function but for style, while for the disposition of the places we recommend placing the refrigerator in the same laundry line.” And as I told you above, you must not forget a combination between light neutral colors and blue accents on the furniture.

Designs For Kitchens Trend Kitchen Island

Designs For Kitchens Trend: Kitchen Island

One detail that should be placed in a separate paragraph is the kitchen cabinet on which the various dishes and desserts are prepared. Maybe on TV we have seen those dream finishes with an island (large board with space ideal for cooking) and we would like to have at home.

In modern times, the islands are the trend, both as practical and effective. From an aesthetic point of view, also they stand out for their modernity and utility as part of the decor.

In European countries there is a design that has caused a stir, it comes to a kitchen island that is embedded to the floor and thus is foldable. Although it seems a dream, this is already a reality.

In the video you can see the performance of this device also works with a simple application for iPhone, a luxury that can surprise even the most clever!

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Designs For Kitchens The Latest Trends In Decoration

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designs for kitchens with white cabinets

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