French Country Home Decorating Ideas

Life like God in France, that would be nice! Everything seems to be a little lighter, more joyous, brighter – even wrought-iron windmills seem delicate when swinging under the veranda ceiling. Here are a few variegated pots of herbs, there a rattling window-shutter, where the color of the paint is already a bit off-the charm of the imperfect characterizes the French Country Home Decorating. But this is by no means all that the country house style of our Gallic neighbors has to offer.
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Like everywhere else, there is not a “country” style in the country of the fine lifestyle. Depending on the age, region and wealth, the most beautiful of all forms of accommodation also has its different faces in France.

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To the north, in Normandy, you find restrained, often dark-stained, wooden furniture, which is characterized by practicality. The tasteful influence of the British Isles is documented here with lush rose patterns, blackened wrought iron and rustic stoneware. This Norman living culture in Germany is mostly cultivated by experts who know this rough region from their travels. A corresponding impression can be created not only with furniture, but also with individual accessories such as dark, simple wind lights, “rosy” fabrics and wallpaper as well as with stone, coarse-looking overpins.

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In the cities of Central France, French Country Home Decorating lovers celebrate lightness and brightness. To the present, the so-called period furniture, new furnishings in old forms, play a leading role in the French dwellings. French furniture manufacturers are taking advantage of the breathtaking stylistic tradition that gave France the status of leading furniture in Europe until the end of the 19th century, from the Baroque, Regency and Rococo to Transition, Directory and Empire styles.

french country home decorating
French Country Home Decorating

However, hobby fitters can achieve a convincing and relaxed country-house look with genuine old, but also less precious furniture, whose patina they lovingly preserve. With filigree white furniture, delicate roses, embroidered cloth, engraved glasses or colorful nostalgic chairs for indoors and outdoors, nostalgic people get a little romance in their own home.

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“There is already a heap of ripe corns, a bit of colored graphic bast, a copper kettle, a piece of cloth, a scarf, the straw braid of a chair, a waxed wood, a glass with some clear water in it, a rose, a mirror Gold ornamentation, a terracotta floor, so that everything around you will gain in abundance and depth. ” With these words, the Provencal writer Jean Gillion, who died in 1970, describes the charming poetry of the good people in his home country, inspiring many country house fans.

french country home decorating ideas
The piece of material French Country Home Decorating¬†that the author describes in his book “Provence” can, of course, come only from Marseilles, Avignon, Orange or Contrast. There the “Indians” are made, which are so typical of Provence today. Originally the brightly painted cotton fabrics from India. Since the end of the 17th century the patterns were then printed in France and decorated with their own colorful troublesome patterns. Today they decorate many kitchens and garden furniture in the “Midi”, in the south of France.
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It is so easy to create an atmosphere a the French: Take what you like, and create your very own longing!

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