Garden Lighting Ideas and Tips

Even if one likes to think about celebrating and enjoying the theme “garden lighting ideas“, one should first think about something quite different: about security.Garden Lighting nz,

Garden lighting Ideas for safe walks

This means, on the one hand, that all paths and steps of the property must be well lit. Not only the way to the entrance door is to be considered. Also in the basement, the garden house or the garage you have to get in the dark without problems and safe. While a high overview of the mast lights provides a general overview, low-floor lights are suitable to make visible bumps, stairs and rootwork.
Low-profile sockets, also known as bollard lights, are popular for this purpose. Orientation or marking jets, which are inserted directly into stair steps or paths, make the step safety perfect.Garden Lighting design tips,

Garden Lighting Ideas – Avoid lighting dips

Security also means protection against burglars. The best prevention is a well illuminated property with wall lights on the house and on the terrace, pedestals and bollards for paths and stairs, as well as flexible spotlights, which can be individually arranged according to the season.
With this recommendation, the basic elements of dramatically perfect garden lighting are also mentioned. If you mount strong spotlights on the roof and connect them with motion detectors, you can still prevent an uninvited visit. For the light to unfold its full effect, it should always be directed away from the house.Garden Lighting kit,

The right light sources for outdoor use

In principle, only luminaires which are explicitly marked as exterior luminaires may be used. Which lamp you select for which case depends on the respective function. If you want to produce long-term, medium-term continuous lighting, compact fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps or halogen lamps of medium power are recommended.
A purely decorative lighting can also be produced by means of LEDs and solar lights. In order to drive out burglars, it is best to choose a high-voltage halogen lamp, which turns on immediately the full one hundred percent light output.Garden Lighting uk,

Safe light sources for the pond

Ponds in the garden have become increasingly popular in recent years. It also applies to them: they have to be very well illuminated – after all, nobody should land involuntarily in the water. Particularly stringent technical specifications are set for the wet element. It goes without saying that all the lamps for the pond must be indicated as water-proof. Submersible underwater heaters with protective small voltage, which are connected upstream of transformers or converters, are customary. The stream is passed through rubber hose lines.Garden Lighting cable,

Compose the evening garden light

Once the safety points are checked off, garden friends can finally deal with the decorative design of their garden. Very beautiful is a carefully combined interplay of light and dark. In order to give the garden an artistic look, it is particularly interesting to see the shapes of trees, shrubs or sculptures. It is also recommended to have some moving spotlights in order to change the mood from season to season.Garden Lighting Ideas,

Mobile headlights and particle lights

Living accents are also placed by placing spotlights at different distances to the illuminated objects and at different heights. Illusions, which have been let into the ground, create a particularly magical impression. Cheerful party humor comes when festive colorful drapes drape in the garden.
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