Glass Walls In The Bathroom

Glass Walls – It is impressive to note the immense variety that exist in the market for bathroom furniture; and that even in the case of a relatively small room, common interest to those living in the house searching for the best decorated or ornamentation to look into it.

One of these is the placement of glass wall certainly greatly acrecentan the decor of the bathroom and give you a better look of cleanliness and hygiene to them.

glass walls bathroom interior

Glass Walls Bathroom Interior

These Glass Walls are made from bricks of the same material presented in square, hollow shape, which gives a light enough weight to maneuver and makes it easy element in the assembly of the wall.

The interesting thing about them is that they are semi transparent and allow us to keep the light although established as a structure that could well take the ambient light.

glass block walls in bathrooms

Glass Block Walls In Bathrooms

These walls can be formed with Glass Walls bricks of a single font and color, or colors can be combined to give a more personalized taste in decorating.

The construction of the glass-walls in the bathroom is done very similar to the lifting of conventional brick walls and concrete way, which will be essential for the use of a reinforcement iron rods for stability and accuracy of the new structure and the use of a layer of mortar for fixing.

glass wall art bathroom

glass wall between bathroom

glass walls in a bathroom

coloured glass walls in bathrooms

glass walls in the bathroom

glass walls in a bathroom

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