Hallway, Welcoming Home

Hallway – “Welcome Home” – exactly what should a hallway states. It is because the hall is usually the entrance and thus the first room you enter in an apartment and get to see. This reception room should be designed so friendly and welcoming as possible, so that it’s you and your guests a warm welcome.



Give in to the decor and layout of the hall just as much effort and put as much passion as pure as you did with the rest of your living room. Also the front door and the hallway deserve to be equipped with an enchanting mix of stylish furniture and decoration.

You can see the faces of your guests, whether they directly feel comfortable and at home! When you enter your hallway and this was furnished and decorated with great attention to detail, you’ll see that too!

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Hallway Furniture

No room can appear very homely and welcoming without the right interior. This also applies to the hallway! Even if it seems difficult at first glance to set up the hallway nice and stylish, it is still not impossible, even if one may put on some challenges.

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What furniture are relevant to the hallway? This question is quite simple clarify, because in a hallway all the furniture should be available that are also needed here! Necessary include a wardrobe to hang your jackets and coats from an umbrella stand, a bank and a shoe closet, for all the shoes that you own.

In a dresser gloves, keys, scarves, hats or other things can disappear so that the board always make a tidy and orderly impression. Around Flying Shoes? Then think about a shoe rack or a shoe rack by!

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What makes more sense – a shoe cabinet or a shoe rack? This question must be answered each for yourself! Do you want to make your gorgeous shoes on display? Then a shelf is ideal! However, the cabinet has the advantages that the board acts tidier and shoes from sun rays and dust protected. Just look what better fits the style and appearance to in your hallway and decide then!

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This list sounds all so that the hall then quite cluttered by furniture will be. But if one hires it right, it is not so! If you only have a small hallway, where you have to put all the useful and practical pieces, then such furniture items are good, unite and combine several functions. These are, for example, wardrobes sets that combine a Jack suspension, umbrella stands, and possibly even a shoe rack together. There is also chests in which you can store scarves and the like, and combinations of banking and shoe cabinet are a very popular option for corridors. This interior combines the most important components: style and functionality!

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Hallway, the Color and Design

The color scheme of your board should be especially geared to how big the hallway is and how it is cut. After all colors have an immense impact on the entire room effect.

Especially if your board has a difficult shape or even have to make do without window, then choosing the right color is very important to make the room look perfect. Boards, which have a very low ceilings are best removed so that find themselves vertical stripes on the walls of the room. Vertical stripes extend a room visually, so you can provide the walls of his hall with this, so as to prolong the hallway.

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In order for a corridor is designed warm and welcoming, are predominantly naturally bright and cheerful colors like cream, white, beige, sand or light gray. These colors are also a wide variety of furniture can be combined perfectly.

If you prefer bold colors in your hallway, then just choose colored accents and furniture. Bright and uniform wall colors give the corridor a quiet and serene base that are always being updated with colorful furniture and accessories.

But what colors go together? To gray walls, a red or green dresser with high gloss fronts looks great and sand-colored walls of the room fit other earth-colored furniture such as wonderful in brown.

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Hallway, Device Ideas

To our ideas of every living space is not only beautiful and stylish interiors, but also just decoration. Even if the hallway is basically a rather uninhabited space because you will use it only when entering or leaving his home and when you walk, for example, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

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But in spite of these rare use should also make this room beautifully and comfortably, because the hall is a residential area and should fit into the overall picture of the apartment. A bowl on the dresser for car or house keys, a mirror for the last look into it before you leave the house or pretty flowers and flowers that bring life to your hallway – all these are really great and mostly useful accessories and decorative items for your hallway!

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Hallway Carpet

Carpets can be found in many doorways and corridors, as they not only are very practical and give the room a bit of homeliness, they look wonderful from.

In longitudinal corridors are runners are ideal as a carpet because it fits perfectly to the room by their shape. If this hallway carpet then not only looks pretty amazing, but is also adapted to the particular use of the hall, you have made the perfect choice.

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In contrast to other living areas one has in the hall usually still his shoes when entering or crossing this, does that mean for the carpet, he also has to be quite robust in addition to its stunning looks and softness so that it all footwear can withstand.

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