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Home Color Schemes – Deciding color of the room can be confusing. What mood is to prevail in a room? What colors that match? How to find the right color strategy are such questions revolve on the head.

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Home Color Schemes Mix and Match

Home Color Schemes  – Opt for a prevailing tone: cool or warm, upbeat or discreet, large furniture, curtains or wall color are such the basic factor to decide. The more subtle it is the more accent colors can contact you. But beware that many colors also need lots of space. Countless small area of ​​color seems restless. It is better to put a big, gaudy piece of furniture in the scene.

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Give rise to harmony. Harmony in the room therefore is generated by a similarity. The color of close tone (eg. Yellow / Orange) offer a wide range of possible combinations. But opposites attract: colors that are opposite on the scale, form exciting complementary contrasts (eg blue – orange.).

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Check your device. What furniture and accessories are indispensable? The new purchases eventually have to fit into the picture. If you have wood or rattan furniture it is suggested with colors such as green, yellow or blue. For white plastic or metal furniture fit gaudy bright shades like orange, turquoise and yellow sun. In general: A neutral background makes the colors more vivid.

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Two that bound. Purple and yellow give a stylish color effect. The well combination of red and pink, green and pink seems natural and fresh. Blue and orange are also a contrast and traumpaar per se Will they eventually but too colorful. Pastels, white, wood furniture but also mitigate the bombshell.

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