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Home Furniture – Of course you will also find many suggestions for setting in Black  White or gray  Yellow. We show you classic furniture, long-running, solid wood furniture or furniture with sparkling glossy fronts. Included are home textiles and accessories that will make your favorite style only really alive.

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Home Furniture  Discover my Einrichtungsstil

Whether vintage or shabby chic style whether retro or country style, the choice is wide, but the offer plentiful. The establishment teaching Feng Shui is quite interesting. Looking for the personal style quickly becomes clear, a little advice is good. The first expedition we present in this article some Home Furniture interior designs. For more impressions you will discover in our facility centers. Let us be your companion on your way to your individual furnishing style. We are looking to fill forward together with you to your rooms with beautiful interior design ideas. We are happy to show you the diversity and the specific character of living styles. Take advantage of the valuable advice of expert advice, because when it comes to device communication and we know that for more than 120 years.

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Home Furniture  Maritime Furniture style

The maritime design style brings a fresh sea breeze in your rooms. Red, blue, white are the colors that characterize the maritime interior style. They remind us of the sea, seafaring, sailing ships and lighthouses. With the sea directly connected are also the fishermen with their nets and ropes. Life on that and on the sea reflects the maritime style of living. To make the style of living decorate shells, stones and pictures of seafaring chests of drawers and walls. In the production of accessories networks, linen fabrics or driftwood are often used.

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Home Furniture American Furniture style

Burger for breakfast, cowboys and farmers, Diner, Side by Side refrigerators, Route 66, many things are typically American and who have been to Home Furniture America, has determined thereof collected motifs. Big houses, seemingly endless streets, spacious land, the Americans love big things. Convivial kitchens with spacious Side by Side refrigerators are just as much American style of living as accessories in American country style.

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Home Furniture Country Furniture style

Life in the countryside is a little more rustic than in the city, whether in Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Germany. Influenced by the country and people, weather and nature have here different country style developed forms, eg. As the

Scandinavian country style with its bright furniture

Mediterranean country house style with many ocher tones

German country house style with a preference to painted rustic cabinets

However, one thing that all country-style in common: they work with natural materials such as wood, rattan, clay and linen and they pay particular attention to the attention to detail. The country-style embodies the customs and traditions of rural life and for one or two swings as well as a little holiday flair with.

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Home Furniture Shabby Chic Furniture style

An old Teddy, the fur matted, already patched several times and yet he has something Glamorous, something that no other teddy. Man looks at him, he was and is still very much had. He is “shabby chic”. The same applies to dressers, chairs or carpets that show signs of wear willed. New chairs, whose color is chipped on the edges seem to tell stories. They are imperfect and that’s what makes it perfect. “Shabby Chic” can very well with other styles of living, such as the country-house style, combine and is now among the most popular interior design trends.

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Home Furniture Vintage style or retro look

Just as clothes are also subject to certain furniture fashion trends. Today’s trend is a lot of furniture and accessories, as well as fabrics and carpets in vintage style. Vintage or retro style is “old” or old-looking. Old furniture has a special aura, as well as furniture that are tailored to the old, or were inspired by classics, spread a special magic – the magic of an old love that never fades. Thus, the retro look is new furniture in retro style.

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