Home Goods Locations – The location is it really important?

Home Goods Locations – Yes ! Poor location of the cage can be dangerous for the dwarf rabbit, exposing it to harmful factors for it. This can result in behavioral problems, cause major stress, respiratory problems or weaken your pet.

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How to choose ?

Avoid the noise! As we have already said (see “Specifications”), the rabbit ears is highly developed which makes it naturally very sensitive to noise. So do not place the cage in a room too noisy, that is to say where you are listening to loud music (stereo, television, musical instruments, etc …), where close appliances like a washing machine or dryer. Too much noise is very stressful for him and so bad for his health.

Spread the drafts! Do not place the cage where it would be too exposed to air currents because your dwarf rabbit could take a chill and weaken. So avoid to put too close to a window or door that can let a cold stream of air under the door.

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Beware of hot weather! Home Goods Locations More than the cold, rabbit fears the intense heat. We must therefore ban a location situated right next to a radiator or exposed to direct sunlight. Make sure that the room temperature never exceeds 27 ° C, which could put in danger. The ideal temperature is between 16 and 21 ° C.

Keep odors! The rabbit also has a keen sense of smell. Therefore, avoid placing the cage in an area where the air may be irritating or allergic him: close detergents, washing powder, all kinds of perfumes (incense, scented candles, etc …). An air too dusty or too wet (like the bathroom) is also not recommended because there are risks of respiratory disorders.

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Choose a passage area! Home Goods Locations A room where your bunny will watch you pass his cage several times a day is a good choice since it will save he is bored and make it more sociable. The ideal room is the living room (and kitchen), but remember to check the sound of the TV or stereo.

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