Home Improvement Plastering Tips

Home Improvement, Plasterings stays nice long and is easy to apply – even by less experienced handymen. It’s that easy:

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Are you tired of wallpapering and painting for your Home Improvement? And want more than an ordinary change of scenery? Then try it once but with a new plaster: Plaster are permeable lime plasters, remove excess humidity and release it again to dry air – that regulate the indoor climate. Fade-resistant color pigments to shine not only on the surface. Dirt (rough structures are unfortunately prone) can be removed using a high pressure cleaner.


Home Improvement Plastering Material

There are finished products, which are obtained directly with the trowel from the bucket, a trowel and applying unfelt on immediately. For the corners and small areas good for a triangular trowel. Or you used dry mortar: mix with water and stirring rod after packing specification.

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Home Improvement Plastering Structure

In home improvement, the right tool can almost automatically arise the desired structure when applied. Plasterings edit with a plastic trowel or a sponge float. For disc plaster structures use a foam rubber board. A felt float are smooth plaster surface the finishing touches.

There are also various structural roles, perforated rolls, fine or coarse toothed spatula, with which you can incorporate patterns into the plaster. The easiest way: casual waddle with the brush over it.

The underground

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Wall must be firm, sound and free of cracks. Scrape off loose particles, dust sweep. Through and through porous substrates must be renewed. Also separating layers such as oil, grease or completely remove wallpaper.

Strongly absorbent surfaces (eg aerated concrete, gypsum boards, even old plaster) deprives the new wall covering water – it is not fixed. Apply primer.

Not absorbent substrate: the new plaster does not connect firmly up – Prepare with bonding primer.

Thin plaster layers to 5 mm thickness can not compensate for unevenness, so filling previously smooth.

When loaded edges: protective rail align vertically and filled with mortar – that gives stability.

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Home Improvement Plastering Preparation

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Protect with foil and tape window and door frames and the like. Concealed edges, about the base, mark with a Bleisitft and with adhesive tape.

To glue the base edges from right: Create baseboard and mark with pencil the edge. They lay new floor tiles? Then only one of the new slide underneath. With the pencil, the base-top Mark and Mask off the area with masking tape. Only then later obtained a straight flush edge.

Home Improvement Plastering Application

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How much material you need depends on the layer thickness and the selected structure. Dry mortar mix thoroughly. Apply the plaster and can attract something. Depending on the substrate and ambient temperature needs Plasterings to about 10-15 minutes.

Ridging with the trowel plaster on the trowel. From below, apply upward. An interface to other materials, such as the window frame, with a trowel along cracks. This trowel cut prevents cracks.

Then treat the surface: smooth or structure type with board, steel trowel, notched trowel, brush or roller.

Everything ready? Then pull the tape carefully: This gives a straight flush edge.

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