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Home Theater – If you’re a fan of live theater shows or movies, you can bring the excitement of the Theater House with theater-style interiors. This design style works well in a family room, a theater hall, bedroom or any room where your family watching. You do not need to convert the house into a cinema; instead, you can a couple of ideas that implement suggestive of the theater.

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A proscenium theater has a large arch framing the Home Theater stage; it serves to draw the eye to the focal point of the theater. You can install a proscenium arch inspired anywhere in your home, if you want to attract attention, including a TV viewing area, bed or an entire room of the house. You can custom build a proscenium arch made of wood and paint them with elaborate details. Avoid large construction projects by painting an arched entrance; Gold leaf details and architectural form help to achieve the arch effect.

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Rich velvet curtains with gold tassels large are a common symbol for many Home Theater. Curtains to block the view from different areas of the stage. Implementing similar curtain styles to your home can help the rich look of the theater. The curtains do not necessarily have to be the velvet – you can use other fabrics in rich shades similar attempt like burgundy, green and black. Golden tassels ropes make clever curtain tiebacks for this style. These curtains would also window treatments, but you can also have a large curtain hanging in front of the television to cover the entertainment space when not in use.

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Theater seats always in front of the center of gravity of the theater: the stage or screen. In order to achieve the whole theater effect, your house should also turn the seat around the focus. Of course the center of gravity is not to be on the TV; instead, you can focus on an image window or a game level in the children’s playroom. Theater seats are usually raised and platforms are ideal for achieving this effect. Alternatively, you can also place a couch with raised legs behind a shorter couch to create elevated seating. Many home theaters have to make deckchairs movies more convenient. If you are concerned that unidirectional seating for poor conversation, make while entertaining, opt for chairs that swivel for easy control of the seating positions. Install light sconces on the walls to dim lighting while viewing.

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Snack bar

No cinema experience is complete without a snack bar, so that the living environment in theater style should also be a kind of snack area. If you have a home theater room, you can set up a mini-bar in the back of the room. Keep the fridge with your favorite drinks and snacks and keep sweets in baskets displayed. You can even purchase a vintage popcorn cart for your home. The snack bar is also a good way, theater-style design in the kitchen next. Dedicate a corner of the kitchen or a counter for the snack area and store it with small boxes of candy, popcorn boxes and a popcorn cart sitting directly at the counter.

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