How To Choose A Sofa

The times of huge residential landscapes are over. Now smaller Choose A Sofa furniture conquers the living room. How it comes to this trend and why we reside as in the 18th century.

They call themselves daybed, chaise longue, chaise longue or too good German seat. They sometimes look like stylish, very comfortable garden beds or mostly like the little predecessors of the sofa, on which once the noble ladies spent the day. In addition to the armchair, a whole series of such sofa alternatives are currently on the market. Your characteristic: Usually only one person fits on it, and usually he can stretch out his legs or even lie down. The interesting thing is that this furniture serve three needs at the same time and fit into the development of the last few years in the living space:

Choose A Sofa Bed

How To Choose A Sofa

The Landflucht continues, more and more people are moving into the cities. The high rents also push the Metropolitan into smaller apartments. Small furniture is needed here, “says Ursula Geismann of Verband der Deutschen M√∂belindustrie. In addition, there are more and more single households – with an average of 43 square meters per head, there is not much space for a Choose A Sofa. The smaller versions are equally comfortable.

How To Choose A Sofa

Geismann sees the small furniture as an opportunity to quickly change the look of the room – even in large houses and apartments. “In the open layout of many new buildings, one can be more flexible in designing.” Small pieces of furniture can be lifted quickly and simply moved, giving the room a new look every time. “This is not always the case with a five-to-seven-square-meter Sofa”, says Geismann. Especially since many of today no longer want to bind to large furniture and thus a consistent appearance of the living room for ten years.

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Then there is a general recourse to old designs in furniture production. Designers revive old forms. Even the old softer predecessors now re-emerge. Like the chaise longue from the 18th century, in English known as Longhair. Translated is the long chair, we know it also as Romans of a – it’s predecessor is antique. On such a piece of furniture sat Caesar and ate grapes.

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It is basically a chair or armchair with footwell. “These pieces were once in every good household,” reports the trend analyst Gabriela Kaiser. “However, their forms are still interesting today: they have a beautiful asymmetry.” The chaise longue, also from the 18th century, is similar to the chaise longue but has two high-curved armrests and no backrest.

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But you have to ask the question: Is there no new ideas on the market? However, Emperor stresses. But the recourse to valued forms is logical. “These pieces are very modern in our eyes because they are relatively reduced forms.” And the designers have revived the old ideas, but not their complete design in the past.

People are currently very much looking to set up their home. And, on the one hand, to the representation: One shows by the establishment who one is. On the other hand, you are also very much at home, you retreat, cuddle and nest. At the beginning of the year, for example, the international furniture trade fair IMM Cologne in Cologne even spoke of the new “German comfort”.

Here the Choose A Sofa alternatives play a special role, explains the Trendexpertin Kaiser. They do not replace the sofas in the larger apartments and houses but can be a supplement. “I believe that the people who have a few square meters more, will bring this furniture into the room as a sort of reading and retreat,” says Kaiser. “It’s a place where you can be alone.”

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Selling sees this differently: “I personally feel such pieces as an addition to the sofa, right next to it.” For them, a furniture is a good place where you can sit comfortably together with friends or family in the evening. “At the dining table you sit too straight, you fall into the couch and you sink.”

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