Living Room Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen develops to the heart of the entire apartment. Partition walls between kitchen and living room disappear, cooking and living become one. In order for the kitchen area to become as comfortable as possible, the appliances are visibly in the background: hood hoods disappear by the touch of a button. There is also a great deal of color: courageous chefs prepare their kitchens in the Tartan pattern. We show the current trends for Living Room Kitchen Ideas.

Living Room Kitchen Diner Ideas

“In the interplay with architects, the ground plans of the apartments have changed in recent years, so that the kitchen is often the heart and center of the apartment,” said Frank Hüther, Managing Director of the Working Community Modern kitchen (AMK) at the International Furniture Fair IMM Cologne in Cologne , When new is built, often so that a kitchen open to the living area.

Open Plan Living Room Kitchen Ideas

Open Living Room Kitchen Ideas

This is also increasingly the case in existing rooms. “Who can take the wall out,” Hüther explained. While the living room has become the family ‘s private retreat, the open kitchen serves to welcome and entertain guests. More than a fifth of the Germans already live in a wallless combination of “cooking – living – eating”, according to Huether.

Small Living Room Kitchen Ideas

With the color wishes of the current kitchens, Huether recognizes the courage to more color. In addition to classic wood tones and the color white, there will also be colorful Unis, including the long-blown blue. As a new color family at the IMM, many manufacturers find gray in all nuances.

There is even more color for worktops and fronts in the Living Room Kitchen Ideas. Particularly striking models even wear checks, for example for ballerina kitchens. Lechner has a glass worktop and a splash guard on the kitchen wall with a red check pattern – “a bold decor that brings a cheerful and fresh atmosphere into the room,” the company describes it. The patterns are not only fashionable, but also in the living area. “In the kitchen they become a very special style.”

In addition, strikingly many workbenches were presented in matt or glossy concrete, stone or metal optics at the International Furniture Fair, in particular stainless steel, as is known from professionalism. Even in the “The House – Interiors on Stage” built as a trend example, designed by designer Luca Nichetto, the kitchen has wooden fronts but a body and a work surface made of shiny stainless steel.

Open Living Room Kitchen Ideas

The new demands on the kitchen result from the changing residential requirements. “It must be practical and functional, but it must also be beautiful and respectable,” emphasized Huether. “Some of the kitchen furniture look almost like chic living-room furniture.” In addition, surfaces should be easy to clean and electrical appliances should be as quiet as possible.

Smoke extraction hoods also move back into the background not only acoustically, but also visually. Some vendors let the fan slide down into the depth behind the hob, when it is no longer in operation.

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At Neff, for example, the Air Deluxe 300 model can no longer be seen as a stainless steel frame with a dark glass surface that is hardly different from the glass ceramic hob. Siemens has a similar retractable table fan that works on finger pressure. The Bora Basic fan, which celebrates world premiere at the Messe, is integrated directly into the cooking field.

The herd is also becoming more and more sophisticated. If you like cooking, you can barely go out with four normal, pre-set cooking points on your stove. At the LivingKitchen kitchen show, some kitchen appliance manufacturers will show induction cooking zones within the scope of IMM Cologne, which automatically recognize the pot size and sometimes even make use of the entire surface. Siemens, for example, calls full-area induction, while Neff calls it Free Induction.

Living Room Kitchen Ideas

The Living Room Kitchen Ideas is simple: If an already boiling pot stands in the way of another one, you simply push it to the side or further backwards. The induction field recognizes the pot at the new location and jumps to the previously set temperature. The induction field can be adapted to the heat with Brat Sensor Plus from Bosch: A sensor detects when the cook is cold in a heated pan and thereby drops the temperature. The appliance automatically provides more heat so that the food is cooked evenly without the pan becoming too hot.

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Living Room Kitchen Flooring Ideas

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