Living Room Vintage Style Decoration Ideas

Living Room Vintage Style – Undoubtedly the vintage style is one of the most popular trends in contemporary decor. But what exactly is this style? Vintage is a word that comes from English, which is primarily used to refer to antiques. Therefore the center of the design and decoration of this style is to create environments that recall the past. Here are some guidelines and proposals to give your home a vintage touch.

living room vintage style

Living Room Vintage Style Traveling time from home

It is important not to abuse this style because we do not want a decoration of the last century. We just want to give back to the house elements that awaken the nostalgia of yesteryear. This Living Room Vintage Style may well be created that feeling from the accessories we choose to decorate the living room to the colors of the walls or furniture.

It is necessary to be consistent with the style we have chosen to decorate, because although we must not be strict with everything that we use, we cannot mix some styles with others.

living room vintage design

Living Room Vintage Style colors

This style has a chromatic protagonist par excellence: white. White and all its myriad tones prevail in this decorative trend. White or off-white walls, sand color or nude shades give a nostalgic Living Room Vintage Style while highlighting allows the rest of the decorative elements touch.

This is important because the vintage is always characterized by floral prints in pastel colors for upholstery and curtains and on a white background highlight and enliven the classroom.

vintage living room furniture

Living Room Vintage Style Budget to create a vintage style salon

To create this decorative style in our home do not need to spend a lot of money in the budget of furniture, accessories, etc. because it generally reused classical objects can serve perfectly. Check out the items you have at home and that you may find useful or visit thrift stores or specialized portals it as

The plants are recommended in all styles and for almost all areas of the home, but in this particular case added an own romantic vintage look. The same happens with all kinds of woven wicker baskets, small boxes lined paper pastel, wooden chests and all kinds of objects that are used to store and can be distributed across a corner of the room colors. As we see are elements not too high prices.

vintage style living room ideas

Living Room Vintage Style Accessories to recreate another era

The mirrors are indispensable for a room in vintage style. The golden or bronze frames very elaborate, with curves and undulations cannot miss, either for themselves or for framing mirrors pictures.

Finally add-ons are very important to get a vintage atmosphere. The objects of the past as old pharmacy bottles, telephones, lamps, grandfather clocks, tableware, and shelves are a must.

Following these recommendations we decor that recalls times already lived and brings a nostalgic around our home, it is also one of the hottest decorating trends.

vintage living room design ideas

living room vintage decorating ideas

living room vintage ideas

vintage living room ideas

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