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Living Spaces Furniture – In small apartments or lofts sofas with sleep function is a multipurpose piece of furniture. During the day you can sit comfortably and relax here, drinking coffee together with your visit or invite you to a common home cinema evening. During the night, your bed is transformed with a few simple steps to a comfortable, expansive bed. Space-saving as it gets.

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What to do with the bed linen

Optimally, these Living Spaces Furniture sofas have a bed frame under the seat. Pillows and blankets here storage space. So the morning on bed box, bed linen pure and already has made order in the living room and from the bivouac no trace.

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Who sleeps on the sofa bed?

Need now from the sleep function for your own daily use or and for guests. This question you should ask yourself, because depends on the quality of the Living Spaces Furniture sofa beds must be with its functionality. It is certainly not necessary a sophisticated sofa bed to buy when stayed only once a year a guest to this. Serves the sofa bed as well as a regular bed, you should before buying not just test it out, but also test it. Here you will find out if the sofa bed is suitable for daily use in his sleep function.

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Sofa Design

Sofa beds are now also available in a very nice design in a variety of upholstery fabrics. From the first appearance it can hardly be of a “normal” differ sofa. But at second glance, you will see no difference. Because the sofa today show just as much style and design possibilities as other seating.

You can choose your sofa bed as a 2-seater sofa, corner sofa or living area. Sofa beds can be converted to a variety of ways. From the original folding seat (bottom sleepers), and ending with extendable seat to a lower lying area.

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Important before visiting the furniture store!

In small rooms each open space is important. Therefore, measuring only home in peace and care of how much space is available for your sofa bed available. Depending on this is limited selection and you can better decide between the models that really come into question for you.

Before you buy your sofa bed, take first place in peace and let the feeling of sitting on you. Test all functions, seek advice. Maybe your favorite still has other useful functions that are not noticed you the first look. Get all the fabric or leather variations show. Your salesperson or your sales representative for more than the various compilation options. Only when you are aware of all the details, you can make the safe choice.

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