Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Master Bedroom – A good bed is essential for healthy, restful sleep and thus extremely important for our well-being. Our counselors help tips to find the bed that suits you. Wooden bed, upholstered bed, box spring or canopy bed, we also show numerous beds in modern designs.

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Master Bedroom Where Should The Bed Stand?

When sleeping we regain strength and energy, and healthy sleep in a comfortable bed in turn is the basis for our physical well-being. It’s no surprise: The bed is thus one of the most important pieces of furniture in the apartment.

The bed is located off the living area, get in a separate room, in the we retire, to rest and recover. Where should the bed stand, next to the door, the window, on the wall or in the middle of the room? Which position is particularly suitable for the bed, find out best if you tried out different positions in advance. A Master Bedroom small bed can “lost” in the midst of a large space act. A large bed in a small bedroom on the other hand is concentrated too much.

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Master Bedroom How Should Bedsteads Be Like?

When choosing the bedstead Although the personal taste plays an important role – for example, with or without headboard, wooden or upholstered bed. The bed frame itself, however, should fulfill some conditions:

  • An adequate framework thickness of at least 25 mm ensures the necessary stability.
  • Connecting fittings for tightening guarantee a long-term angular stiffness.

Doubles should have a self-supporting center bar, so neither suspension nor mattress sag.

Is the bed wider than 140 cm, two bed frames (or alternative slat bases) and two customized mattresses are meaningful.

Increasingly popular is an adjustable slatted frame, to read or watch TV in bed. Ask. For suitable mattress, not all types are sufficiently flexible

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Master Bedroom Bed Size And Bed Height

Besides the size of the lying surface height is an important aspect. The standard heights ranging from about 40 to 50 cm. The so-called comfort level is between 50 to 60 cm, is now becoming increasingly popular among young people, these bed heights getting up and lying down facilitate immensely.

A classic single Master Bedroom bed has dimensions of 1 x 2 meters, a double bed for two people is the size of two single beds and is usually made of two-part mattress. A so-called “queen size bed” is a bed with a one-piece mattress with the minimum dimensions 1.50 x 2 meters. A “King size bed” has a one-piece mattress with the minimum dimensions 2 x 2 meters.

What to look for when buying?

  • Plenty of time for extensive sample chairs schedule.
  • Slat and mattress should be coordinated.
  • Does the bed the correct dimensions?
  • Which adjustment functions it offers and they are easy to operate?
  • Are bedstead and Forged sufficiently stable?
  • Gives the design a good ventilation of the mattress?
  • Is the reference in upholstered beds removable and washable?
  • What services (transport, installation), the manufacturer?
  • What guarantees does the manufacturer?
  • Is the furniture awarded with a certificate? (The golden “M” of the German Furniture Quality Association eV guarantee of quality).
  • When buying a mattress and a slatted base sleeping comfort and ergonomic aspects play an important role. Our advice for the mattress-buying

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Master Bedroom Wooden Bed

Solid wood beds are always a good choice, especially if they are provided with the ÖkoControl Seal, because these are finished exclusively with environmentally friendly waxes and oils. This natural beds emit no pollutants that affect the indoor climate or cause allergies.

When choosing the wood also the environmentally friendly aspect should be noted. Who wants to buy a bed made of tropical wood, which should pay attention to the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, with which the trees were released for grubbing.


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