Modern Bathrooms Ideas

Trends and fashions come and go. Not every new Modern Bathrooms Ideas experiment, which creates it on the title pages of the living magazines, must be followed. But there are also tendencies that continue to develop over many years and decades and which are not likely to be “out” again tomorrow. The continuous lifting of the borders in the living area is an example. If only the cooking and dining area were initially mixed, the living room was soon integrated into the open living room. Now we are experiencing the logical development: the German bathrooms become a “living room” – in the truest sense of the word.

Modern Bathrooms Designs 2018

“The modern bathroom has become an experience space,” concludes Ursula Geismann, Design Engineer of the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM) in Bad Honnef. And as the market research company “Marketmedia 24” reports, more than ten percent of the Germans are thinking about buying new bathroom furniture over the next two years.

Modern Bathrooms Ideas

The manufacturers of bathroom furnishings definitely do their best to meet the growing demand for a bath in which it is comfortable and comfortable. Modern Bathrooms Ideas spa showers can therefore not only spray tropical rain, but are also colored in the cabin in color. The different colors affect the body and soul of the person – red light for the relaxing, relaxing evening shower, blue lighting to wake up morning spirits.

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Modern Bathrooms Ideas

But, of course, the bathroom visionaries do not stop at showers. Baths that are as sexy as a red lacquer pumps, or even nostalgic-cozy wooden furniture and -clothes also belong to the beautiful, new comfort in the bathroom.

Modern Bathrooms

Frank Haubold, Director of the International Furniture Fair (IMM) in Cologne, is also pushing the topic forward: “In our opinion, the bathroom is a living space like any other, but with additional functions that can increase the quality of life.” Haubold and the rest of the Cologne fair were shown at the IMM in January in the context of the special exhibition “Living in the Bathroom”. The highlights of the exhibition are presented in our exhibition

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The technology suppliers to the furniture industry are also following the trend towards more Modern Bathrooms Ideas comfort with great enthusiasm or cooperate with competent bathroom specialists. Dornbracht, a manufacturer of fittings, for example, has teamed up with Gira to build a specialist for residential and building electronics and Revox, a sound and hi-fi expert, to jointly develop “Connected Comfort” – a multi-sensory wellness shower system.

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Ikea is also never far, when it comes to the current furnishing trends with its own collection to use and so also for small money bags make affordable. Just in time for the spring, the Swedish furniture chain introduces cozy bathroom furniture in the design of its Hemnes series – “for people who love traditional things,” as the Swedes state. Then the circle closes. After all, the whole merging of the bathroom and the rest of the living quarters began with a washing table in Uroma’s bedroom.

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Modern Bathrooms Design

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