Modern Dining Room Sets

Dining Room – Is the dining area of ​​the most boring place in the whole house? This need not be. We have some wonderful dining ideas in 2016summarized for you, that would make this room one of the nicest rooms in the house. Learn more about the 6 trends that should be determined to try.

modern dining room table sets

Dining Ideas 2016 Pendant lights with interesting design

Not only is the Dining Room furniture play an important role here, but also the pendant lamps that will swing over the dining table. An excellent design could become a real eye-catcher or set color accents.

modern dining room sets

Dining Ideas 2016 Rustic Touch

A natural wooden table would give an otherwise formal Dining Room a relaxed atmosphere. “Back to Nature” the motto for 2016seems to be, therefore, a solid wood dining table with uneven edges or with mistakes and shortcomings would be the perfect addition to your dining room.

modern dining room lighting

Mix and match!

Gone are the days when the dining room set should consist of perfectly matched table and chairs. Instead, you can combine different styles, fabrics and finishes together in 2016to create an interesting, welcoming look.

Benches are traditionally not of associating the modern dining room, but are still more popular in this area. They represent a space-saving way and a convenient alternative to individual chairs so that the dining experience is more intimate, you have to make a compromise with seating without.

modern dining room ideas

Add more shine

They think that mirror belong only to the wall? No more. Mirrored dining furniture would give each room a touch of drama. Although this style is mostly implemented at tables, also mirrored dressers and sideboards can be found.

The latest trend for Tall Sizes mirrors, picture frames and art adds a playful touch to any room. Whether hung or placed on the table, oversize decor makes a bold and stylish statement.

modern dining room hutch

modern dining room chandeliers

modern dining room chairs

modern dining room buffet


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