Modern Kitchen Hood

Extractor Modern Kitchen Hood are getting quieter and more stylish. They are either integrated into the cooker or only run out when they are needed. But what are the devices good for? We explain what makes a good fume extractor hood and what to look for. In the photo show we show how smart and functional current hoods are.

Modern Stove Hood

“A hood has to be highly functional and quiet, look good and offer a good lighting scenario,” says Kirk Mangels from the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Die Moderne Küche (AMK). All products of high quality manufacturers are offered. To find the hood that best suits one, you have to look more closely. Three steps lead to the Modern Hood Kitchen extractor hood.

Modern Kitchen Ventilation

Modern Kitchen Hood

“The main decision is: exhaust air or circulating air”, says Claudia Oberascher from the Initiative Hausgeräte +. Exhaust air filters suck in cooking fumes, clean the air and direct them into the open. Recirculation filters divert the vapors through metal grease and activated carbon filters and blow them back into the kitchen. The great advantage of exhaust air filters: “They are more efficient and efficient,” explains Oberascher. That is, they absorb heat, moisture, fat and smoke particularly well and direct them out of the kitchen. In addition, they are quieter compared to the circulating air filters.

Modern Kitchen Island Hood

The disadvantages of Modern Kitchen Hood exhaust air are higher costs and the elaborate installation. It needs a breakthrough to the outside, the way of the air there must be well thought out. “With the right wall box, no cooling bridge is created with a larger pipe,” says Mangels. A cold bridge could allow heat to escape from the house, resulting in higher heating costs.

Modern Kitchen Hood Design

A modern wall box provides a heat-insulated and air-tight connection at the end of the exhaust duct, which opens only when necessary. But: “The more the house is insulated, the more complex the exhaust air becomes,” explains Oberascher. If you have an energy saving house, you should clarify with the architect, whether the variant exhaust air is possible at all. Last but not least, detonators need to think about building regulations and whether neighbors could be harassed by the fumes.

Modern Kitchen Exhaust Hood

According to Oberascher, the great advantage of ventilation hoods is that “airflow always goes” – there is no need to change anything. This is more favorable, and there is no risk of heat loss without breakthrough. However, the disadvantages are unmistakable: moisture remains in the room, so you have to ventilate, which can lead to heat loss. And the additional odor filter with activated carbon makes sucking less efficient and louder.

Modern Kitchen Hood

There are island or wall hoods, ceiling fans or retractable devices. Modern Kitchen Hood Island huts hanging over a cooking island are a popular view for open-plan living-dining areas. If you want something powerful here, you should consider that these devices are usually revolving hoods – after all, the outer walls are far away. Since there is a lot of air movement under island roofs, it is also important that they are significantly wider than the cooking area. Even with classic surface hoods, Oberascher and Mangels advise at least ten centimeters overhang on each side, with island hoods accordingly more.

Modern Hood for Kitchen

Modern Cooker Hood

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