Plants to Grow in Apartment or Home

Plants to grow in apartment – One of the secrets to spice up your apartment is decorated with plants. Although we often think that in an apartment plants are vetoed by the lack of time to care for garden; we can gethim this familiar touch just know how to choose the right plant.

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Another important reason is that plants to grow in apartment also adding color and joy to the department reduce stress by making change activity and temperament to handle them.

It also helps reduce the 20% of dust and carbon dioxide in the house, at least during the day. However what most think, decorating with plants is not limited plants with fragrant flowers and colors.

You can choose from a variety of small shrubs and small in shades of green that will be fine in the department plants.

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Plants To Grow In Apartment – How to choose them

Before you buy one plants to grow in apartment, we must recognize the location of our department, if an area of ​​high humidity or not, and make the entry of light you have, because sometimes you can get the sun in all its brilliance, while in other cases only we are satisfied with the brightness of day.

Recognizing this will make it easier to find the right plant for each corner of the house. We must also be clear about the size reaches each floor and if you want for your room or the terrace.

If the input light is between north and west, the plants are ideal Hebe species or Veronica. This is a low shrub that reaches 80 centimeters or less.

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It has three varieties of leaf between yellow, purple and green. You do not need a lot of care, except water daily in summer and twice a week in winter.

Another known name is Lavandula Spice or Lavender. This plant, whose slender flower reaches 60 centimeters, is one of the easiest to care for. Fragrance and strength make it one of the most requested. It is watered once a day in summer and twice a week in winter.

If your apartment is located in the south and east area, ideal plants to grow in apartment are the Azalea and Azalea Japonica or Impatiens Sultana or impatiens.

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The first is ideal for terraces, requiring sun until 11 a.m. and grows up to 50 centimeters; its flowers are fuchsia, red and purple in very bright colors. The second has seasonal flowers, particularly in summer and spring, after which it is dried; there are a variety of colors.

Regarding watered, azaleas require water once a day in summer and twice a week in winter; they grow better if they land pine (acid). Instead the impatiens requires daily watering in spring and summer, in winter one to two times a week, is a very hardy plant.

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