Practical Kitchen Design Ideas

A new kitchen is an investment in the future. She was to serve her for ten to fifteen years. Before you make such an investment, you should be careful about what you are looking for. In Practical Kitchen Design planning, many focus exclusively on design and state-of-the-art appliances. A mistake, because design ideas are subject to fashions, which can change over time. Much more important are optimal working heights and the right division. The five-zone rule applies here.

Modern And Practical Kitchen Design

Planning errors make everyday life difficult in the kitchen for many years: Incorrect heights of work surfaces often lead to back pain, unnecessarily long distances between the various working areas draw the cooking into the length. In planning, therefore, one’s own life situation as well as personal habits should be considered, advises Frank Hüther, former managing director of the working group “The Modern Kitchen” (TMK) in Mannheim. A large family, for example, needs a different kitchen than a single who likes to eat and is only eating breakfast at home.

Practical Kitchen Cabinet Design

Practical Kitchen Design

To ensure a smooth workflow, planning is carried out according to the individual function zones. “The zones of storage, storage, rinsing, preparation and preparation are usually arranged for right-handed people from left to right,” the kitchen expert recommends. So the rinsing center should be located to the left of the cooking center. In the meantime, it is necessary to plan sufficient working and storage areas of as much as 90 centimeters in width.

Practical Kitchen Design Ideas

“To prevent back pain, the work of the new Practical Kitchen Design should also be the right height,” stresses Huether. This is shown by a scientific ergonomic study conducted by the Technical University in Darmstadt on behalf of the AMK. Even a prolonged back flexion of more than 20 degrees from the vertical to the front leads to unilateral invertebrate disc loading and thus to long-term back pain.

“The right height for a continuous work table can be determined by a kitchen purchaser when the upper arms of the arm are horizontally angled forward,” explains furniture expert and specialist author Doris Haselmannn. From the forearm to the workplace should be 15 centimeters. So you could be comfortable while working. The height of the worktop can usually be adjusted with different base heights.

Practical Kitchen Design

A continuous worktable is not ideal for proper body posture in the kitchen. “It is better if the cooking center is deeper because of the work with pots and pans,” says Georg Stingel of the “Healthy Healthy Back” (AGR) campaign in Selsingen, Lower Saxony. For the back it is also advantageous to install frequently used devices such as refrigerator, oven or dishwasher.

Planning is also important. “A four-person household needs space for around 250 kilograms of utensils, dishes and cooking utensils,” explains Haselmann. “When buying a kitchen, you should be clear about what items are placed in the new kitchens. It is best to list the items that must be placed in the kitchen.” In addition to the current demand for storage space, the future needs to be taken into account.

Practical Kitchen Layout Design

“To relieve the back, heavy objects should be placed clearly and comfortably in large volumes and not too high in the upper cabinets,” advises Stingel. Upper cabinets, which are lowered as required, are usually only available in so-called barrier-free kitchens.

But as important a good ergonomics and a practical division of the Practical Kitchen Design elements are also: one should not neglect the design aspect. Especially the modern open kitchen is not only a place of work but part of the living space. That is why you should be able to feel comfortable in it. It is important to find an optimal balance between attractive design on the one hand and practical functionality on the other hand.

Practical Magic Kitchen Design

Especially in open living rooms one should make sure that the kitchen appliances are not too loud. Information on the volume can be found on the EU energy list. No matter whether it is an oven, a dishwasher or even the hood: almost all kitchen appliances have to wear the label now. Particularly in the case of permanent consumers such as the refrigerator, it is also worth taking a look at the electricity consumption. The most economical refrigerators and freezers are marked with the efficiency class A +++ and consume only half as much electricity as Class A + appliances.

Simple Practical Kitchen Design

Small Practical Kitchen Designs

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