Practical Kitchen Island, Inspirations and Tips

Practical Kitchen Island – A detached island or kitchen island is to become part of the contemporary kitchen. It creates an open feeling while cooking and closes open kitchen from the living room. Depending on the available space and personal taste you can use the stove, sink and even integrate the seats in the island. How can you design the perfect kitchen island, you can read here.

Practical Kitchen Island Schedule: Is There Enough Space?

Not every kitchen is suitable for use in a Practical Kitchen Island. By an impractical or too small will have you sometimes opt for a semi-island like on the picture below? A free-standing kitchen island in a small space will create a claustrophobic feeling and lack of exercise space. Surely this cannot be the intention for a kitchen island is as popular because of the openness and spaciousness. If you are not sure, you can sign the island on the floor and some boxes where you think it will be tight. Also refer to the recommended minimum dimensions later in this article.

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Practical Kitchen Island with Table – Chairs or Barstools

If you have enough space in the Practical Kitchen Island is a sitting function to your island certainly worth considering. Whether it should now serve as full dining or just for a quick bite, some seats will always be useful and bring the homey atmosphere upstairs.

In the design of this kitchen a full table is combined with the kitchen island. When you choose a normal table height of 70 centimeters will always have to work with your second level differences. This is less tight than one straight line but it ensures that you can combine two materials as in the above island.

In this kitchen was chosen for increased seats so that the worktop and the table completed in one piece. Seats along both sides of the island make it comfortable to communicate with each other.

In this kitchen was chosen to leave out the worktop 50 centimeters further out than the kitchen cabinets. Thus, one can place stools over the full length of the island. The benefits of such an arrangement are that you have no storage space loses along the kitchen side and that the separation between the kitchen and dining area is clearly defined. The disadvantage of this arrangement, is then again it is less pleasant eat together due to lack of visual contact. You should always look to the kitchen. Integrating a TV in your kitchen is also appropriate when you want to place such island.

kitchen island with chair

Practical Kitchen Island Hob or Sink in the Kitchen Island

You can also use the kitchen island next work and storage space for cooking or washing up. Keep surely note the following considerations when you are considering any of these options.

When integrating a hotplate the island must be at least 100 cm deep so that there is no splattering fall to the ground. Unlike a traditional cuisine here is a lack splashguard present. Keep in mind that an ordinary hood can impair vision and that there is a discharge pipe is required unless you are using a recalculating hood. Sockets also have to get a place in the island when you use the deep fryer or waffle iron.

itchen island with hob and sink

Practical Kitchen Island Sink

A sink is larger than a hob and need enough market space. An outlet must be provided, as well as cold and hot water. A sink in the island provides more space feeling than a cooker hood because there is no impeding visibility. The disadvantage then is that a sink is presented unkempt after eating. To remedy this part, you can also provide a revolt in the rear of the island so that the dirty pots and pans are not visible from the living room. If you want to post a dishwasher, too, you provide this best island in the kitchen under the sink.

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