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Shower Enclosures – Today I present a fun and innovative way to introduce a truly visionary in our bathroom tap. The original designs of the collection of shower enclosures Image, Profile signature will help us get a very personal style in this space.

We have designs for all tastes and for any type of setting. If you want to have a quarter of a cosmopolitan, fashion or Current bathroom, you’re waiting for collections. You also have models for natural baths or classic cut. You even have the possibility of giving a different bathroom or give your children touch your screen with colorful designs made by the always surprising Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

shower enclosures kits

Shower Enclosures Kits

The phrase used by the firm to introduce the collection perfectly defines the style of this Shower Enclosures: “Do not put limits on your imagination.” That is precisely what allows us to Image collection, let our imaginations and give a personal touch to our bathroom.

And if their designs were no longer bold enough to want to place them in our bathrooms, plus signature gives us the option to customize the screens to still give them a more our style to them and adapt them to our tastes or needs.

shower enclosures glass

Shower Enclosures Glass

Recreational we enter which we can choose to find their functionality (walk-in, sliding, folding or folding Shower Enclosures doors), choose the series that is more suited to our bathroom, select the membership that we want and then, lastly, choose designs and finishes the screen. All this is very well explained on the website of Profile and is done in a very simple way.

But wait, here’s not all. Want to customize the most of your screen and a touch 100% yours? The company also lets you do screen printing on the image you like to create with it a completely unique screen and she can fill your bathroom originality.

shower enclosures tubs

Shower Enclosures Tubs

Once spoken the characteristics of the collection of shower enclosures Image is time to look at pictures of them to leave quite wary of the wonderful environments that are able to create. Enjoy the gallery that I have prepared for you and remember that if you are motivated by one of them, on the website of Profile can create a very intuitive way.

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