Showers To Baths A Wise Choice

Showers To Baths – We always talk about the need to gain distance in the interiors of our homes and the need to save our decorations meters using only the necessary items. In the bathroom there is an element that we can win many meters: the shower.

Change Roll top for shower is not an easy choice, because doing so involves getting into some refurbishment and there is not always like it. But if you dare (which from here we suggest), the following article will come in handy because you talk about the aspects to take into account when choosing the shower bath. It seems an easy decision, but there are different things you should consider.

Showers To Baths Shaped shower

Showers To Baths, Shaped shower

The first choice to make is the way you will have our Showers To Baths. The most traditional are square, rectangular and semicircular. Square showers are the most traditional, and have dimensions which generally start at about 60 cm per side and end at 100 cm.

Newer models are rectangular and semicircular. The latter have been on the market longer than rectangular, which are of more recent creation. The curve of the semicircular makes win even more meters in the bathroom, besides giving the space a more dynamic look. Once spoken forms, on to the characteristics of shower trays and screens.

Showers To Baths Material Of The Shower Base

Showers To Baths, Material Of The Shower Base

More details to internalize when choosing a Showers To Baths. What material do I choose? So many there? The truth is that the wide variety of materials is as shown below. You can choose between shower trays resin, acrylic, ceramic, … briefly see the virtues of each.

The resin is an unknown material, but has enormous potential in the bathroom. It is a very tough, contrary to the assertions beliefs material. In addition to touch the feet it is very nice, transmitting warmth. Speaking now of acrylic plates, they have the advantage of being dishes with low height, which facilitates entry and exit from the shower. The brightness of the material gives a touch even more interesting to these dishes.

There is a shower called soft with a stone like slate look, but with a soft, warm feel, and very resistant. Falls and blows to these dishes are damped by the material, making it suitable for houses where there are children or elderly.

Finally we talk about the ceramic shower floors, one of the most demanded by the material strength and easy maintenance that presents options. It is also resistant material which does not deform over time.

Showers To Baths Features Of The Shower Doors

Showers To Baths, Features Of The Shower Doors

The usefulness of the screens is unquestionable, not allowing water to flood the bathroom completely to take a shower. This type of function can also be achieved with the traditional shower curtain, but the elegance of the screen will give you an extra class to your bathroom. It is more expensive than the curtain choice but decorative benefits multiply many times over.

Importantly, we have three types of shower enclosures to choose from. The sliding panels are the most widespread, and are sliding down a fixed guide. They offer complete sealing. On the other hand we find the folding screens, which are bolted to the wall and doors. Require more space than the previous ones and do not offer the same level of sealing.

Finally we found the folding screens, which are collected about themselves bending in half thanks to a central axis.

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