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Small Bathroom Makeovers – As I have already announced in the article about the renovation of the bathroom, I would like today to give you a few tips for (very) small bathroom.

Twice we had in recent years in the Maldives and each time I was impressed by the bathrooms – so I wanted one too! Well, pee outdoors is not necessarily the greatest feeling in our latitudes. But in the Maldives is an open-air bathroom something brilliant. The baths themselves were not so particular, there were the many little things that have an immediately conveys the feeling of entering a Spa. And this feeling I wanted to have at home, if I cannot outdoor showers.

Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to be Bad to renovate completely, as we have done here after buying a house. Sometimes you have to cope with ugly tile and green sink. As you can fix up nicely his bath in a (rental) apartment, I have shown you in our previous home before.

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Small Bathroom Makeovers  Bright Colors

This is now really nothing new, but is definitely one to when it comes to make a small space. Bright colors make a room look bigger, that’s just a fact. What effect the / red to white / gray has, you have indeed in my article for renovation seen even from yellow.

Personally, I like strong colors in the Small Bathroom Makeovers at all, because they bring in my opinion, in such a small space quickly into unrest.

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Small Bathroom Makeovers   Nice Towels

Towels, which are color-matched reticent on the rest of the device, the picture of the feel-good bathrooms perfectly round off. Whether stylish towels or fluffy towels XXL – is important that they also fit into the bathroom when they are hung up to dry. If each towel has a different color, restlessness comes right back into the bathroom. Clear, bright discolored towels sometime during washing, but even then I find it even more beautiful than dark or colorful. The towels I especially like to hands drying. After showering, I find it nice to wrap me in a cuddly towel.

If you ever noticed that in the spas, the towels are usually kept curled? That’s one of the things that make me think immediately of wellness. Try nevertheless simply times out, the towels to store in this way – if you have open shelves, you will definitely notice a difference in the optical effect.

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Small Bathroom Makeovers No / Few Cabinets

In our Small Bathroom Makeovers cupboard is almost impossible to accommodate. The only place would be under the sink, but I cannot stand these base units. There are also simple of real wood, but the cost then again so much and yet fit usually not perfect clean. In addition, the variant with the wooden shelf much more airy and the room is not as delivered. Hair dryer, hair straightness and all this stuff that does not look so pretty, is stored in baskets.

Anyone who has a bit of wall surface available, can also attach a shelf as storage room. The String Pocket is quite small and looks beautiful with its minimalist design easily. A wall cabinet can be visually clunky in a small room, the shelf on the other hand is hardly noticeable.

Important: in an open shelf should be few, selected things stand, such as nice perfume, shells, small plants or candles.

If one has not even on a shelf space, perhaps fits a narrow board with small compartments. One can also easily build itself and thus has the ability to individually tailor the dimensions of the available space.

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Small Bathroom Makeovers Muck Out

Honestly, one or the other of you has surely thought: there is indeed no cosmetics rum, that’s totally fake! Is not it. I use just about any cosmetics, the least of them daily. I have a mascara and eye shadow three shades, a kohl and powder. But since I use very rarely, it does not have to stand around in the bathroom and disturb, but is stored in the dressing room, as well as the sunscreen in the winter. The things that we need daily, like deodorant, shaving cream, cream, etc. have their place behind the towels. I personally cannot stand it when around the sink so much stuff is, or in front of the mirror. This must be put away when cleaning always everything and it just looks messy. In our apartment, I also had half a cupboard full of cosmetics – but at my age, one needs disposing 20s eye shadow palette more and if you have one perfume found, all other times. I can only advise you to look at your cosmetics collection times and to think about what you really use them actually. Much of it is perhaps already expired.



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