Small Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Small Bedroom Makeover – You would want all your rooms were as big as a master bedroom or perhaps your living room. But sometimes you have some fun making a small bedroom.

In this article you read tips and tricks about decorating a small bedroom. You can also find some inspiring examples of small bedrooms.

From modern to more traditional small bedrooms. Time to stabbing roll up their sleeves and make something beautiful out of your bedroom.

Small Bedroom Makeover Choose The Right Color Combinations

Small Bedroom Makeover Choose The Right Color Combinations

If you are going to set up a Small Bedroom Makeover again it’s best to choose a simple color scheme. This means that you’re not going to play with too many colors and shades.

The fewer colors you use the larger resembles your bedroom.

A good combination for a small bedroom is white with a different bright color. White is of course the classic way to make a small room seem bigger. So white is also very suitable for a smaller bedroom.

White is a must for the ceiling (and possibly sloping ceiling). White creates a sense of height and space.

Dark shades on the ceiling reveals the feeling that you’re more confined. We obviously want to avoid.

Additionally, you can one or two walls in your desired color paints. Try to keep it free of too many frills and frills.

You can also choose to place your bed against the colored wall. Here are some colors that finds fit well in a small bedroom.

Coral In Various Colors: light blue and light pink shades allow light in your small bedroom.

Lime: lime green also provides additional space and light in your small bedroom. But at the same time it is just a little more.

Small Bedroom Makeover Flooring In Your Bedroom

Small Bedroom Makeover  Flooring In Your Bedroom

If you have the opportunity to renew your Small Bedroom Makeover floor or painting also choose light colors. This simply gives a little more sense of space.

You can also use a rug with stripes for your floors something to brighten up. A rug with vertical stripes ensures that your room seem longer.

Small Bedroom Makeover  Bed In A Small Bedroom

The main product in your bedroom is of course the bed. This raises the question: Do you sleep alone or in pairs?

It is important that you also want to walk around your bed. You should at least be able to step if you want to enjoy your rest in one side of your bed. It is best to half a meter in front and keep the sides free to move.

Choose a bed where you can store things underneath. Do not buy a bed frame that reaches to the ground. So you put your storage boxes with wheels under your bed. Buy storage boxes which are transparent. So you can easily see which items which sit.

Besides the transparent storage boxes you can buy a bed bearing trays. This gives a cleaner impression than the storage boxes. See the picture below for inspiration.

Bed For One Person: If you sleep on your own, you can opt for a single bed or queen. It is not as generous as a double, but it saves a lot of space.

If you occasionally get someone to sleep, you can choose a bed with a bottom bunk. In the picture below you can see what this has to propose.

Double In A Small Room: For two people it’s best to choose a doubter. It’s on the small side for two people but it saves space.

Provide a good mattress. That gives you a better night’s sleep than just a big bed.

Small Bedroom Makeover And Lights

Small Bedroom Makeover  And Lights

You can hang the most lights on the wall. This way, you need lights to take up less space in your small bedroom.

Additionally, you can also opt for a smaller nightstand which also saves space again because you do not have to put up nightlight.

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Small Bedroom Makeover Bed In A Small Bedroom


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