Small Kitchen Space Ideas and Tips

Small kitchen space ideas, whether it is a prefabricated apartment or a flat for rent: if the space is scarce, the kitchen is often saved. Instead of a cozy living room, there is only a cramped kitchenette in many apartments. But with a few simple tricks and tools, even in the smallest kitchen, you can create enough space. The kitchen manufacturers have long since reacted. How our modern kitchen furniture has used “dead” corners better, shows our photo show.
small kitchen space ideas ukCooking is by no means a pure must. Even among men, it has become a popular hobby. However, the preparation of a lavish meal also needs sufficient space. This is often not the case in rental apartments. But there are solutions – the available space has to be used only sensibly. “The equipment needs not really depend on the kitchen size, but on the cooking habits,”. Combineries such as induction cooking plates, on which one can cut something when they are switched off.

Baking oven and hot plates in small kitchens

Sees the combination of devices as a good way to make small spaces ideal. The oven and stove need not be a unit anymore. “I advise to integrated cooking zones in the worktop and a microwave with an oven function in a cupboard. I can also bake with it and I do not have a large appliance in the kitchen.” And if you have little or no cooking, you can install smaller dishwashers of 45 centimeters width.
The experts also advise not to place the refrigerator and oven side by side. “The energy loss is too high,”. In order for the devices to be distributed in the room, the connections for water, drain and electricity should be taken into account when planning a new building or conversion. Particularly important in small kitchens is the right layout. Rarely used cookware comes in the upper cabinets – these can be planned up to the ceiling of the room. Frequently used items of use come in easily accessible drawers or drawers.

Small Kitchen Space Ideas, Pedestal drawers and rail systems

In a four-person household, an average of 250 kilograms of sturgeon accumulated in the kitchen, Frank  informed. “Every centimeter counts, which must be fully utilized.” There are many solutions for this.
small kitchen space ideas tipsFor example, drawers should have a full scale. Then you can see the cabinets well and easily also from the rearmost corner items grab. It is important to use rail rails above the work surfaces: “Rail systems for the niche between upper and lower floors look good, provide a good overview and help to accommodate spices, ladles or household paper , Cutting boards and much more, “advises Frank.

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Small Kitchen Space Ideas, Fully utilize the kitchens

The so-called “dead” kitchens are those places where two cabinets collide over corners, for example in kitchens with an L- or U-shaped floor plan. With swivel and swing extensions, these otherwise unused parts can become true storage space wonders. In an innovative solution with extremely high space utilization, for example, the height-adjustable storage shelves swing completely out of the corner cabinet. They can also be moved independently of each other and are thus easily accessible.

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Small Kitchen Space Ideas, Carrousel cabinet for small kitchens

Another possibility is the classic carousel cabinet – a corner cabinet with rotatable circular floors, which are mounted around an axis. Some models do not have a central tube and offer even more usable storage space. In wide limits, even combined pull-out and swing mechanisms are used. This and other great options for corner cabinets in the kitchen can be seen in our photo show itself.
Down into the cellarsmall kitchen space ideas collorfullBut even if clever storage space solutions create more space: not all utensils of a large household can be accommodated in every small kitchen. Excess crockery or appliances such as raclette ovens, table grills or large bowl bowls should therefore be better placed.small kitchen space ideasIt is not necessary to store food in the kitchens. Durable foods such as canned or cooked come to the cellar instead. In small kitchens there is little space for decorative accessories – the work surface can serve as a decorative element. Plates made of glass, stainless steel, real wood or natural stone are covered. “A very pleasant and almost velvety feel is created by working surfaces made of high-quality ceramics,” says Frank Hüther. “And also the graceful high-tech worktops made of mineral material – a mixture of minerals, pigments, acrylic and quartz – are real eye-catchers.”

The right worktable

However, Ursula Geismann from the Association of the German Furniture Industry in Bad Honnef near Bonn warns against the need for maintenance on some materials. This is the highest of plates of real wood, which quickly showed signs of use. “The plastic-coated worktop on a wood material is usually the cheapest solution. Today it is available in many colors and patterns,” Geismann calls an alternative. “Schick is a stainless steel surface – it is prefabricated in standard dimensions, but can also be customized.” Here, however, scratches could soon appear.small kitchen space ideas diysmall kitchen space ideas usa

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