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About Small Kitchen Storage Ideas, “Ultimately space-saving solutions are solutions that can be left behind,” says Kirk Mangels. For small L or hose kitchens are the tables, which are folded out after cooking or pulled out under the worktop. Ursula Geismann from the Association of the German Furniture Industry reports about innovative solutions such as picture frames, which are folded down to the table, or mini table tops to be attached to a shelf.Small Kitchen Storage styleHowever, Juliane Moldrzyk, regional chairman of the German Association of German Interior Designers, advises against folding tables. “Because it’s work, and if the salt spreader and the radio are standing up, the table may not ever go away,” she says. “Then he is not so much space saving.” In short, this also means that “fold-out solutions in a very narrow space are more reminiscent of food intake than pleasure.”Small Kitchen Storage diy

Table and work surface in one: New is not

This variant, like pull-out table tops, is now being bought less frequently than before. “We also notice that today, even in smaller apartments, people attach more importance to comfort,” adds the industry representative. Where the space allows, it is preferable to use an extended work table. Interior designer Moldrzyk also finds this solution practical: “There are two stools underneath, and you have a minimal dining space. The advantage is that the surface can also be used as a work surface.”Small Kitchen Storage ReviewsCounters or counters are suitable as a room divider for open kitchens. “Some find this terrible because it diminishes the space, but generally counters are popular,” says Geismann. “Because they have different heights, they have a loosening effect, as well as shorten the path between the cooking area and the dining area.” For one to three people, they offer enough space, and the bar stools can often be pushed down to save space.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas, it appeals to refinement

Not only at the bar or the bar is the following: “The sophistication begins with the way in which the seating arrangements are arranged,” says interior designer Moldrzyk. Armrests, for example, are a hindrance. Very space-saving are folding chairs, which can perhaps even hang on the wall. “People prefer stackable chairs because they are more stable,” says Geismann. In addition, a stool fits everywhere.Small Kitchen Storage priceMoldrzyks Favorit is the seat – as a simple board attached to the kitchen line or the wall, it offers a seating and at the same time storage space untendrunter. “With some skill, you can do it yourself, or you can hire a carpenter.” In addition, the bank can be misused if one does not want to use the dinette – for example, as a bookbord.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas, The table should be as big as that

With the size of the table applies: Less is not necessarily more. “If the table is too small, you do not even get two plates and two glasses,” says Geismann. One should expect at least 60 by 40 centimeters per person. The interior designer, Moldrzyk, also recommends that you stay with square table tops: “A round table can look nice, but you need a much bigger surface already.”Small Kitchen Storage IdeasThe color scheme of a small dinette is a matter of taste: in the opinion of kitchen experts, in a cramped kitchen, light shades and shiny materials, which create depth through mirror effects, are recommended. According to Moldrzyk, dark colors can make the dinette more comfortable. Your tip: Mark the dining area with a color box or a beautiful wallpaper on the wall – whether in a kitchen or a living room.Small Kitchen Storage design

Design with light

There is also a cozy dining area with the right light. “A light can be used to emphasize the dining area,” says the interior designer. However, she advises her to stop hanging from the ceiling if the table is moved from time to time. More practical are lights on adjustable arms. Geismann pleads for indirect lighting, preferably with several LED lights. Battery-powered LEDs are particularly flexible, for example for clamping.

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