Small Living Room, Tips For The Ideal Layout

A Small Living Room – requires an inventive format. Quite tricky, because where do you start? Maybe you tend to adjust the size of the furniture in the room. But many small furniture rather give a ‘full’ feeling. Help!? What now?

small living room with fireplace

Small Living Room A Plan For The Layout Is A Must

Before you start remodeling your home, it is a must to have a plan for the layout of your Small Living Room. Do not have a clear design of the device then you run the risk of living that does not satisfy your needs. Think for example of loose wiring, electrical connectors in the wrong place, you fire at an awkward angle. Whether you purchase a bench that just does not fit. A waste of your investment and your time!

small living room dining room combo

Small Living Room First Put Your Wishes In A Row

Answered once the next question: what is the room for you? A lounge is a place to relax, watch TV. But also to come with your family together. Or do you prefer to listen to a quiet tune with the fireplace.

What are you doing there prefer? What would like to place in your Small Living Room? And what deserves the most attention?

small living room ideas


Small Living Room Create The Perfect Layout

Would you like to realize a beautiful picture exactly as you envision? Then, based on your requirements, an optimum layout. Go and sliders (on paper) with the potential, until you have a layout where all your wishes fall into place.

You bump dilemmas, let you be inspired by living magazines. Or view examples on the Internet. It can bring you biting the solution that you are looking for. The following tips will help you maintain the spaciousness in your living room!

small living room layout

 Small Living Room – Provide Rest

In materials, in color, in furniture. Light colors and a quiet colors have a spatial effect. Opt for less contrast in the base. In your decoration can make your later color accents. A peaceful image gives a more spacious feeling. That does not mean that this results in unsociableness. Cluster your sociability. Trinkets, decorations; you want your naturally surround it. But scattered here and show gadgets soon as clutter. And debris from entering spaciousness not good!



Small Living Room – Keep It Tidy

A tidy house feels spacious. Ample storage space is therefore a must. Care for that. Opt for larger elements. It shows much quieter than a hodgepodge of separate cabinets. Waste of space? Be smart with your space. Opt for storage that is not obvious, such as fitted wardrobes, an (open) wall units.

small living room decor ideas

Small Living Room – Feet Off The Floor

Opt for light furniture. Not too pompous and massive. And keep them visually from the floor. So you can look underneath. The oak cupboard literally comes at you and let you feel small space. A floating sideboard looks less solid.


Small Living Room – Stay Out Of The Corner

Hold the corners free. Prop they were not full. Even though you think you should use all the space. Keep your distance. Show the corners. The space appears larger than it seems.

small living room chairs

Small Living Room – Playground For Children

Do you have kids and a separate play area for your little treasures? How sweet they are; you are firmly not to expect that the sight of toys, crayons and children’s books sets the mood of your living room.

Take for children therefore their own corner. A desk and a lot of storage space is often sufficient. A niche or unused corner magic easy to get to play center. This also applies to a practical work corner!



small living room furniture

small living room paint colors

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