White Bathroom Vanities, Antique

White Bathroom Vanities – Always a fan of both vintage and antique design aesthetics, there is a piece of furniture that I absolutely love and could not live without: an antique white bathroom vanity. Longing for both the visual appeal of a piece like this, in combination with the functional elegance, you can imagine my excitement one day when I stumbled across one that I absolutely loved online. Reluctant to buy at first, because of financial reasons, my husband finally came around and really saw what a great idea it would be like a vanity unit and integrate it in our house bathroom.

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White Bathroom Vanities

Usually it is not much convincing for my husband to “come out” or to warm up my ideas like this.

No offense to our children, but I knew that our bedroom suite was definitely the perfect, most preferable place in our house to put one of these antique White Bathroom Vanities. Only possessed us for a few months now, we only know that it is a matter of time before we buy another before, perhaps, our guest bathroom or even our first floor powder room.

Words can not express how much I love this type of furniture.

As my husband and I felt, you feel like you sink and mirror combination it can no longer be cut? Storage space in the bathroom can be a big problem, especially if you want to be able to conceal less attractive items or hold more than a toothbrush and a box of handkerchiefs. The bathroom vanity is one solution, but many are simply unattractive. Enter the antique white bathroom vanities! These furnishings are beautiful, attractive and functional solutions for your bathroom woes. They match decorate with a vintage or antique style, and they are built to last.

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Relentless searching online, to our surprise, led us some really great, aesthetic, vanity pieces we actually find on Amazon. Beyond our personal experience and love for this type of furniture, this article will also focus on some of the most attractive and veelzijdigedie there, and is designed to help you realize what you can find and narrow down your choices. I hope it helps you find a large antique white bathroom vanity of your own.

Let’s look at some beautiful antique white bathroom vanities now!

When it comes to antique White Bathroom Vanities, you will be attacked with choices. Since white is generally decorate the most popular color choice for washroom, you will find the most options come in that color. As for the antique itself, there are as many options as there are eras of style, so you’ll need to be specific.

Since Its pretty popular nowadays, you can actually search and find a pretty convincing replica or reproduction piece in many outlet stores. These are often of high quality and made of solid wood. This also saves you the ‘antique paranoia “of trying to protect a hundred plus year old piece from water damage. Because your vintage bathroom vanities will live near water, damage is inevitable.

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Antique White Bathroom Vanities

Antique bathroom vanities will come in different styles, and may date from almost every period had access to running water. Before then vanities were not used for that purpose. Choose a time that best fits your personal style, and look for one at the time.

There are a few very popular styles of antique white bathroom vanities available, and I want them here so that you will have a better understanding of the possibilities to be expected.

French vintage style bathroom vanities are quite popular, especially because of the enduring popularity of French style furniture, and the fact that it looks great in white and will correspond to a suite of color style very well. The curved lines are classic French will reduce the overall profile of the vanity, and it will contribute to creating an open and stylish atmosphere to the room. When looking for an antique white bathroom furniture in this style, look for a brand is the cabriole (or curved) legs.

white bathroom vanities with marble tops

Country Style White Bathroom Vanities

Country style bathroom vanities are quite popular too, considering the rustic look is coming back in a big way. Antique white bathroom vanities lend themselves very well to the rural style, and the simplistic wooden doors and a solid construction you can get an understated class to your bathroom, not to mention plenty of space for storage.

If you’re able to find a true antique white bathroom vanity, be careful to understand the risks. This is an antique, and you place it in the direct path of the water. Chances are that your piece will undergo some kind of water damage over the years. I would recommend something with a tile or granite top to damage the most used part.

Also be aware that your antique white bathroom vanities need to be changed to accommodate the plumbing hardware required to get the water running. Cutting is sometimes necessary!

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white bathroom vanities without tops

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