Window Curtain Ideas

Do the neighbors look too curiously into the living room Window Curtain Ideas? Do the old curtains have a yellow background? Or are you just entering a new retreat, whose light sources are to be lined with curtains? Then it’s time to look for new fabrics for your own four walls. However, curtains are not equal curtains, and there are many confusing subject terms. For the purchase optimally armed are residential fan therefore with a small curtain customer. Our photo show shows current curtain trends.

Window Curtain Ideas

What is commonly referred to as a “curtain” is actually a “store” in the technical language: a “transparent curtain, which is usually used as a net-like light curtain fabric with a tailored pattern”. Thus, in any case, it is the Buurman lexicon of the interior, the Bible of every living organizer. A distinction is made between the long-lane longstore and the window-high halbstore. The light can penetrate almost undisturbed into the room, but from the outside you can hardly see anything. Curtains are suitable, depending on the pattern and shape, for a modern as well as a classic ambience.

Window Curtain Ideas Large Windows

Window Curtain Ideas For Living Room

The stores are traditionally combined with Window Curtain Ideas, also called “Dekoschals”. These are tightly woven and offer additional visual protection when it is dark outside and illuminated inside. Professionals distinguish between curtains that are side-lined or – just as scarves – just hang down. Within this genus there is the classification according to suspension. In addition to the classic rail curtains, which are individually sewn, standardized loop curtains or eye curtains with large, metal-covered holes are available at the upper edge of the fabric. Like the curtains fit curtains depending on color, design and material in almost any architecture.

Window Curtain Ideas For Living Room

The “inbetween”, which is denser than the curtain and is more transparent than the curtain, is considered to be the “intermediate” between the curtain and the curtain. It is suitable for first-time installers who do not want to invest immediately in curtains and curtains, for users who live on higher floors and need only a visual protection, or for those who want to buy a relatively opaque curtain in addition to the curtain. A special form of Inbetween is the so-called “burnout”, in which transparent and densely woven surfaces are combined. The matching fabric is also available for almost every style.

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This does not apply to so-called surface or sliding curtains. They have only been developed in the last few years for modern buildings, consist of stiffer textiles and are particularly suitable for window-deep fronts. In their early years they were characterized by sober, technically appealing designs. In the meantime, however, they are also available in romantic colors and with floral patterns.

Small Window Curtain Ideas

Another modern curtain variant, which is good for bodied depth Window Curtain Ideas, is the height-adjustable roman blind. Like the curtain, it is individually sewn from the respective fabric. A special variant is the ribbon blind with visible ruffles. But beware: Roman blinds are not for the unhappy and impatient. They must be carefully operated.

Modern Bay Window Curtain Ideas

And which window dresses choose fashion-conscious for the current living season? Because the home textile world holds it with the fashion cosmos: Without color is nothing! Anja Greger, the designer of Frankfurt’s fiber producer Trevira, says optimism and courage with “colors of a valuable depth”. Those who visited the international home textile trade fair in Frankfurt at the beginning of this year can only confirm this. Large-format floral prints, which were brilliantly lit due to new digital printing processes, were to be seen in almost all exhibition halls.

Double Window Curtain Ideas

Big Window Curtain Ideas

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