10 Super Budget-Friendly Activities You Can Enjoy With Your Family

It is exciting to take some time out with your family or friends. However, the bank account might lack enough money to enjoy various activities, forcing you to go on budget. But, don’t worry. There are plenty of ideas that require little spending – even others are free!


Shop Around for Free Events

There is a chock-full of free or cheap events near you. You just need to know how to find them. Check the calendars on websites of your local museums, wildlife zoos, reserves, historical homes, vineyards, farms, and recreation centers, to find these free events.


Try Hiking

Depending on your local weather, organize a hike one of the days. City parks and preserves are wonderful places to take moderate strolls. Hikes give you the opportunity to enjoy nature and breath fresh air.


Tour the Local Town

Whether you love history, nature or architecture, you can still get joy in touring your local town. Observe buildings, farms, craft shops, and attend festivals if there are any. Get some maps and read local newspapers to explore every opportunity.



Yes! Stargazing is an opportunity to be a layman astronomer. Watch the summer sky glittering with stars from your backyard or rooftop. There are parks that offer stargazing nights with plenty of stargazers like you having telescopes for this purpose.


Bowling and Skating Indoors

To shelter from the scorching summer heat, you can attend ice skating in one of the rinks locally. Bowling is also a great option during the days they have discounts on shoe rentals, drinks, and food.


Go to the Beach

If you live close to the ocean, you are in luck. Go to the beach and enjoy the toe tickling ocean waves. You might have to pay for some beaches, but others will only need a parking fee. If you can’t access the sea, then look for nearby lakes or public pools that charge reasonable admission fees.


Read Books

If you love reading and have not read in a while, find books and peruse or skim through them. A second-hand bookstore around your place can have some interesting reading material. Searching for the books alone can be fun.


Drive Around

If you don’t want to stay at home, fuel your car and drive around or outside your town. Through the trip, you can listen to music and podcasts. Remember to pack some food with you – probably homemade to save you money.


Practice a Hobby

For those who love to cook, this can be a grand opportunity to try new recipes. Bake, fry, roast, and eat with those who are present. The cooking process will be fun, and the products will be even more enjoyable giving you a sense of accomplishment.


Watch a Movie or a Football Game

Decide to go to a local cinema, or attend a football match, or attend both at different times of the day. Dress appropriately and find where to do the watching. The cheering and suspense will be relieving you will be grateful you went.

There are hundreds of ways you can have fun with friends and family – even on a small budget. Just be creative, find an activity, take photos, post them on your accounts, and tag everyone you wish.

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