12 Ways To Improve Your Bathroom In Time For Summer

As the weather gets warmer, you may be starting to think about ways to improve your home in time for summer. If your bathroom could use a little refresh, read on for 12 easy ways to get it done!

Most of these tips are affordable and straightforward, so you can make your bathroom remodel look great without breaking the bank.

Bathrooms are often one of the smallest and least used rooms in a home, but they can also be one of the most important. That is especially true if you plan to list your home for sale this summer.

By making a few minor tweaks and improvements, you can help your bathroom look its best and make a great impression on potential buyers. Here are twelve ways to do just that!

  • Clean Your Bathroom From Top To Bottom, Using A Bleach-Based Cleaner To Kill Any Germs Or Bacteria

Once you clean your bathroom, make sure it’s scorched before letting anyone use the room. Then apply some bleach-based cleaner to kill any germs or bacteria lurking in cracks and crevices around window sills.

Do it behind panels of tile on walls near sinks (or over there if they’re too high), under porcelain seats inside cabinets where we see no good reason for storing our toothbrushes, and on any other areas that seem to attract dust and dirt.

If your bathroom remodeling plan doesn’t have any windows, make sure to open the door and let some fresh air in while cleaning.

  • Dust all surfaces, including light fixtures
  • Remove cobwebs from the ceiling.
  • Wash all walls with a sponge or cloth 
  • Clean the floor last, using a mop or broom
  • Don’t forget to clean the outside of the toilet and wipe down the shower curtain!
  • Upgrade Your Lighting With Brighter Bulbs Or A New Light Fixture

It’s finally time to upgrade your lighting with brighter bulbs or a new light fixture! Use a power drill to make sure all the screws in your bathroom are tight. Tighten up any loose screws in your bathroom with a power drill.

It will help keep everything securely in place, from towel racks to toilet paper holders. Plus, it will make it easier to clean around these areas since there won’t be any nooks and crannies for dirt and dust to accumulate.

  • Install A New Shower Curtain And Liner – Preferably One That’s Waterproof And Mold-Resistant

It’s time to install a new shower curtain and liner in your bathroom home renovation. You want something that will keep water from seeping into the cracks and be mold-resistant, so it doesn’t start growing fungus on its own.

Consider adding a few extra hooks on the outside of the shower to make it easier to hang up wet towels.

  • Replace Your Old Bath Mat With A New One That’s Soft And Absorbent

New bath mats are a great way to update your space and keep it feeling fresh. We have some soft, permeable options that will help you keep your bathroom clean and dry.

Getting a new bath mat is a great way to update your space and keep it feeling fresh. You can find them in various colors and materials to match your bathroom’s decor.

  • Please Get Rid Of Any Products That Are Past Their Expiration Date Or That You No Longer Use

It’s so easy to be overwhelmed when you have a home with many bathrooms! The first step is getting rid of any expired products. You might also want to ensure that the newer items are in good shape and used for yourself before giving them as gifts or trading with friends.

Who wants someone to use their toothpaste if it doesn’t taste great? If you have products that you no longer use, it’s time to donate them or pitch them in the trash.

  • Rearrange The Furniture In Your Bathroom, So It Feels More Spacious

Move all of the tables in your bathroom home remodeling into a semi-circular formation to feel more spacious. That will open up space and give you an idea of[1]  how much room there is by efficiently using every inch.

You’d be surprised at how much space you can save by rearranging your bathroom furniture. Try moving everything into a semi-circular formation to open up the room and give yourself more freedom to move around.

  • Declutter Your Medicine Cabinet And Organize Your Toiletries

The next step is to declutter your medicine cabinet and organize your toiletries. It will help you find what you need when you need it, and it will also help keep your bathroom looking clean and organized. You can use baskets or trays to store items you don’t use daily.

If you have a lot of products, consider getting a storage unit specifically for your bathroom. When you still have too many products after decluttering and reorganizing, you might consider getting a storage unit specifically for your bathroom.

That will help keep your bathroom looking clean and tidy, and it will also give you more space to store things that you don’t use every day.

  • Add Some New Towels In Summery Colors And Patterns

Summer is just around the corner, and I have some excellent news! Now’s a perfect time to update your towels.

You can find bright, beautiful colors in various patterns that will liven up any bathroom or kitchen space this summer – don’t forget about fun designs like polka dots or animal print if those are more along what you want.

  • Hang Some Fresh Flowers Or Plants In The Bathroom To Add A Touch Of Nature

Give your bathroom a natural makeover by adding some fresh flowers or plants. The right decor can change the entire feel of any room, and this is especially true in bathrooms where there’s often not much going on besides harsh chemicals that leave behind residues after they dry up.

A few vitamins will go such a long way! Try hanging an arrangement near either side entrance, so it stays nice & airy while also providing glimpses into what lies beyond these walls: nature at its finest.

  • Stick Some Fun Stickers Or Decals On The Walls For A Pop Of Color

A fun way to liven up the bathroom is with stickers or decals. Depending on what you like, you can get all sorts of designs for your walls and make them anything from colorful diagrams, cute animals, etc., depending on you want!

It is an excellent idea if you’re renting and can’t paint the walls or just looking for a temporary change.

  • Change Out Your Lightbulbs To Softer, More Energy-Efficient Ones

That will save you money in the long run, but it will also give your bathroom a smoother, more inviting feel.

Simply changing out your lightbulbs can change the entire atmosphere of a room, so don’t underestimate the power of this easy switch!

Install a dimmer switch to create even more ambiance. If you want to take things one step further, you can install a dimmer switch. It will allow you to control the level of light in your bathroom, and it can create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

  • Buy A New Shower Caddy Or Soap Dish To Keep Everything Organized

A shower is where we spend so much time washing up after being outside. You know, foraging through leaves or going hiking? It’s vital to have everything organized there!

A new caddy will keep all your stuff neat while also giving you more space on top of it- which can be nice if the current one isn’t intense because then they’re just piled onto each other instead.

It’s Never Too Late To Upgrade Your Bathroom

“Is it time to find a bathroom remodel near me?” No matter what time of year it is, it’s never too late to upgrade your bathroom. Small changes can make a big difference, and if you’re feeling ambitious, you can always hire a bathroom andkitchen remodeling contractor to give you a hand.

Either way, your bathroom will be looking summer-ready in no time! We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking to do a complete remodel or want to make a few quick and easy changes. Need help with any of these projects? Contact us now – we’d be happy to assist!

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