5 Essential Accessories

Nothing can make your clothes stand out more than to wear accessories that define your fashion style. We all like the hottest trends but simplicity is always the best. A nice collection of accessories that can give a nice upgrade to your ensemble will save you the cost of last-minute shopping.

Here are five essential accessories that we think can pop your closet staples with charm.


  1. Bold Jewellery

Sometimes a bold necklace is all you need to draw attention to your simple white T-shirt and jeans. A cobalt-blue or tribal necklace looks good on a plain shirt. A gold or diamond necklace is also utterly glamorous on a simple cocktail dress.


A nice pair of earrings won’t only be a nice embellishment to your clothes, but it can also make you look pretty. A pair of chandelier earrings that grazes on your shoulders looks good in a black outfit. Likewise, a bracelet and ring can be a nice statement piece to draw attention.


  1. A Good Bag

A good bag is both stylish and functional. You can bring with you the important stuff wherever you go, like a wallet, cell phone, and house keys. There are a lot of styles to choose from, such as cross-body, backpack, and clutch.


When buying the best bag, look for quality. A high-quality bag will go a long way. If you want a fabric that looks good in age, choose leather. For the color, select something neutral (like black, grey, or nude) so you can pair it with almost anything.


  1. A Nice Hat

A hat can do wonders for a woman. You can find the right hat for the perfect occasion. For weddings and christenings, look for a classic hat, like pillboxes. As its name suggests, a sun hat is ideal for sun protection during summer.


Not all women wear a hat so if you want to be the center of attention, wear one. You can also use a hat whenever you have a bad hair day. You can go retro or don a fedora to hide your frizzy hair in the most fashionable way.


  1. Sexy Sunglasses

Another essential accessory that you should include in your wardrobe is a pair of sunglasses. Notice how celebrities always wear a pair of sunglasses when they go out? This pair can make you look glamorous and gives you an aura of elegance in an instant.


Not only are they stylish but they can be functional, too. They can protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. They can also nice cover-up when you have puffy eyes or developed any sort of eye infection.


  1. Stylish Watch

Whether you’re a man or woman, a watch is essential for every wardrobe. A watch offers both style and functionality. You need a watch to check the time, but you don’t want it to look boring.


A stylish watch that goes well to any outfit is a good buy. Select classic watches, like gold or silver watch. If you can afford to, invest on an expensive watch that can give a boost to your confidence.

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