Eating Healthy in the Summer

During the summer months, you could notice a distinct change in the types of food that you want. Heavier foods can feel just that – way to heavy to endure during the sweltering months of the year. When it’s hotter, you feel like you are carrying around extra weight due to the heat and humidity outside; the last thing you want is to feel like that inside after a heavy meal.

But what to eat during the hotter months of the year? How can you stay healthy and feel good with what you eat when the air becomes hot and sticky? There are a few different things that you can do to feel good about what you are eating in the dog days of summer.

Keep Your Drinks Lighter

The key to dietary tips for the summertime can rely heavily on staying hydrated and doing so responsibly. If you lean heavily on sugary drinks, you will not only put on the pounds but you will feel just as thirsty as before you downed that sugary drink.

Stay with lighter drinks. Water is obviously great because it is cool, refreshing, keeps you hydrated and it is good for you. But if you need a mix-up from just water, go with lighter drinks like tea or a sugar-free drink that is high in electrolytes. This will keep you hydrated without feeling drained and thirsty again in a short time.

Stick to Produce

Heavier foods have their time and place and that is usually when the leaves start to fall and the snow is not far off. But when it is hot and heavy in those summer months, going with fresh fruits and vegetables is always a good move.

Not only do you get essential vitamins and nutrients from these fruits and vegetables, they are lighter when they hit your system and you won’t feel quite so bogged down by the meal you have just eaten.

Mix in Some Greens

It is okay to eat heavy things in the summertime. Sometimes, it’s even expected. You will eat your fair share of burgers, hot dogs, and barbeque and that’s okay. But mix in some greenery to keep from getting bogged down by that heavy food.

A kale salad will give you all the nutrients that you miss from those heavier foods and fill you up quicker without making you feel bogged or weighed down.

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