Essential Things Every Kitchen Needs

When it’s about time to make great tasting dishes for you and your family, the kitchen should be clean and well laid out. The tools you need should come in handy for any of your culinary needs. Let’s find out the most essential things that every kitchen should have.

  1.    Knives

The knife is perhaps the most obvious tool that every kitchen should have. But don’t let images of multiple knives on a block fool you. You only need three main knives. A paring knife, serrated knife and a chef knife.

When buying knives for your kitchen make sure they are of high-quality construction and also feel comfortable on your hands.

  1.     Utensils

It comes as no surprise, this one. The utensils should be heat resistant and include wooden spoons, spatulas, meat mallet, slotted spoon, wire whisk, rolling pin, vegetable peeler and ladle.

  1.    Cutting board

Get cutting boards that are made from polyethene plastic that are dishwasher safe. You only require two of them. One for cutting uncooked protein and another for chopping cooked food. This helps keep contamination and bacteria from the food you are going to eat.

  1.    Cookware

Depending on the type of food, you will need to include both nonstick and stainless-steel skillets. You will also need saucepans and a stockpot all coming in both small and large.

  1.    Measuring cups

These should also come with a set of measuring spoons. Measuring cups should be in two sets, one for liquids and another for the dry ingredients. Polyethene plastic is a good material. It will not easily break or dent if it falls.

  1.    Insta-read thermometer

The best way to ensure your meat is well cooked is by checking its internal temperature using an insta-read thermometer.

  1.    Blender

When you want to make a smoothie or blend fruits, a blender will come in handy

  1.    Colander

The colander needs to be the right size in order to fit into the sink. It should also serve the interests of your household.

  1.    Storage containers

These are important to store leftover food as well as ingredients that were not used during cooking.

  1.    Grater

From shredding cheese and chocolate to grating citrus fruits, graters are a necessity in the kitchen.

  1.    Roasting Pan

To get those juices flowing from that steak, a roasting pan will is essential. What’s more, it’s ideal when making meatloaves and lasagne.

  1.    Whisk

When you want to beat eggs or dry ingredients, you want a whisk for the job. Some people prefer the electric whisk as it’s faster to use and more efficient.

  1.    Oven Mitts

You want to keep yourself safe from injuries when cooking that delicious meal and oven mitts will help keep your fingers from getting burnt.

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