How to Decorate Your House According to Your Personal Style

From modern to shabby, there are many different home interior designs that you can use to spruce up your living space. By understanding them, you can choose one that best matches your preference and use it as a basis to designing your house according to your individual style.

Let’s take a look at a few of these great designs.

  1. Modern

This is a general term that can apply in a broad range of areas. Here the space utilizes clear and straight lines, simple colors and includes more use of glass, steel and metal.

The modern design incorporates simplicity in all areas which also includes the furniture. There is more space and clutter is not welcome. Another term that can be used to describe the modern style is sleek.

  1. Contemporary

Often the contemporary and the modern style are used interchangeably but there are some differences. The modern design begun at the turn of the 20th century and is very particular. Contemporary design however is fluid and flexible.

While contemporary focuses on current designs, it can incorporate curves while modern style only includes straight lines.

  1. Minimalist

This style incorporates simplicity with airy color pallets and streamlined furnishings. It avoids excessive use of materials.

To best picture the minimalist approach, think of clean lines and added functionality.

  1. Industrial

This design is inspired, as the name suggests by an industrial building or warehouse. It is characterized by materials that appear unfinished such as exposed wood or brick.

Regular fixtures in this type of design include dangling metal. There is also plenty of space and less furniture. It is not uncommon to have one or two pieces of photography. These add color. However, the overall color scheme is neutral.

  1. Scandinavian

As the name suggests, this style is inspired by the simple lifestyle that is often a feature in Nordic countries. Furniture from this region is well designed yet simple. There are lines involved and includes natural elements such as plank flooring and green plants.

There is also a lot of natural light and plenty of space.

  1. Traditional

There is plenty of accessories in traditional design as well as furnishings and classic finishing. Other features include, dark wood, rich color pallets, plenty of curved lines and the use of fabrics such as brocade, velvet and silk.

  1. Bohemian

If you are a carefree person who hardly follows rules and you enjoy being free to explore, then the bohemian style could be the one for you.

It is characterized by vintage furniture and light fittings as well as patterned rugs and textiles.

This is an eclectic style that may also include floor pillows or a chandelier. Anything goes with the bohemian style as long as you love it.

  1. Hollywood Glam

Another name for this type of design is Hollywood Regency. It involves luxuries and opulent fixtures. This is a great design for someone who likes to make a statement. It will also include antiques, plush, tufting and velvet furnishings.

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