Insane Ways to Throw an Unforgettable Dinner Party

Do you remember the last party you attended? I ask because I’m sure you will steal some ideas from there to make your oncoming dinner party memorable as well. The handmade invitations, fun decorations, vintage artefacts, and buffets in the dining area, are just some of the few items most people include on the shopping lists. To be fair, dinner parties can be overwhelming, and you are not the only one struggling to make your hosting venue and your menu perfect.

The key to throwing an unforgettable party is to plan meticulously. Then, relax and accept things as they unfold. You don’t want to be an uptight host. That is the wrecking ingredient of any party. After all, if your friends and family are your guests, they would still enjoy beer and BBQ dinner with a happy host.

Here is what to do.


Prepare Beforehand

Setting up everything on the same day you are hosting a dinner party is a bad idea. Cooking and prepping can take a toll on you and by the time it is party time you will be exhausted. Remember you want to be relaxed and smiling when your guests arrive. So, clean, decorate, prep some of the food, and set up the tables a day before the party.


How Many Guests Do You Expect?

Have a list of guests for your dinner party. Resist the temptation of inviting more people than you can handle. Ideally, you can handle a maximum of eight if you are alone. Otherwise, you will have to hire some help or invite relatives to help in preparation and install additional kitchen equipment like ovens. Also, make requests for your prospective visitors to confirm their attendance to plan yourself accordingly.


Set the Table and Scene

The ambiance of your dinner party will rely on how you prep the scene and the table. You don’t have to go fancy. Match your dishes, cutlery, and glasses. Have a soft lamp or candles instead of overhead lighting. The centrepiece can be anything from a bunch of flowers, a bowl of fruits, to a row of candles.


A Simple Menu

If you can afford an expensive meal, go for it. But you don’t have to stress yourself out preparing a meal you have never prepared before. A well-prepared steak would make the party livelier than a five-course meal of stuff you have never cooked. You can make foods like pasta ahead of time. Any food you decide to serve your guests should be more than enough.

You don’t want party attendees hungry.


Party Music

We must agree that silent parties are awkward – shuffling chairs, chewing, plus whispers. Not great at all. Therefore, get your music right. Not noise. Music. As part of the preparation, create a playlist that will play throughout the party.

People prepare for parties by staying hungry. So, when they arrive at your place, avail appetizers for nibbling as they wait for the main course. Your ideas are also welcome. Share them with us below.

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