Style for Petite Girls

While some of us definitely think that being very thin and petite is a huge plus, that is not always the case. Without the curves to fill in certain outfits, clothes can look baggy and ill-fitting. Petite girls have the same issues that most of the rest of us have whether we want to admit it or not.

But never fear: there are a number of different style tips that petite girls can implement to find that perfect fit that accentuates their bodies perfectly and pulls together the look that they’ve been aiming for.


Flares had their day in the 1970s but retro looks are making a huge comeback in this day and age and that includes flares. Flares are great if you have long legs as they can really accentuate the length of your legs, giving you the appearance of additional height.

With the right set of heels and a pair of flares, you will draw all kinds of great looks to your legs and it can give you that retro-chic look that is becoming all the rage.

Know Your Features

Wearing the wrong kind of outfit can make you seem far younger than your years (which is the goal for some women but not necessarily all of them). If you’re not looking to shave a few years off of your appearance, stay away from floaty fabrics.

Instead, go with something clever in the two-piece variety that has a bit of nip and tuck around the waist. This will give your figure a full effect and a more grown-up kind of vibe as opposed to something a little more immature. Skirts and blazers, as well as anything high-waisted, can really give you the kind of look that accentuates your body.

Keep Your Skirts on or Above the Knee

For petite girls, maxi and midi skirts can be quite tricky and can make you look even shorter than you may actually be. The key to combating this is to go with a skirt that shows a bit more leg, thus accentuating the length of your legs and giving you height.

The key to any outfit as a petite girl is to accentuate your legs and maximize your height. The taller that you can appear, the better for your overall look. You can also go with something of a longer skirt but make sure that it has a slit to – you guessed it – accentuate your legs.

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